Sunday, July 21, 2013

The awesomeness that is "Bu De Bu Ai"

As I was contemplating what to write about tonight, I decided to peruse my facebook posts for inspiration. I came across my notifications that one of my former Chinese classmates birthday was today.  I knew that she loved to laugh at cheesy Chinese music videos and went youtube searching for a birthday themed ones.  The one I discovered was a Chinese love birthday song.  This made me remember another Chinese love song "Bu De Bu Ai." by the internationally famous Wilber Pan.  We had many great times with this song with my incredible Chinese class.  Never have I met a group of people with a better all around sense of humor.  With that being said I am going to make the assumption that the majority of the people that read my blog do not also speak Mandarin.  Therefore I have included the English translation video for you to enjoy. *The English translation is very literal and therefore not great but you can get the gist.  I am thinking that whoever translated this was a Chinese speaker that did not have very good English skills.  Either way just reading the lyrics itself is quite entertaining haha.  Don't let it distract from the song though (you can do that in a moment)!  It is a very beautiful song in case you have never heard it before. 

Now we come to one of the most amazing lip syncing duos of all time.  The Back Dorm Boys.   In this rendition you will see them lip syncing to Wiber Pan's Bu De Bu Ai.  (The same music video that you just watched with the atrocious English translation.)  If you don't find these guys funny than you must be lacking in sense of humor.  Everything about their lipsync is hilarious.  They go all out and the facial expressions make the video.  These gentlemen have also lip-synced many other great songs including some Backstreet Boys songs.  Feel free to check out more of their awesomeness on YouTube.  Enjoy!

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