Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Man Parts in the News....

This evening I was going through news stories and came across the one from Monday about the subway employees.  One who would freeze his pee at work and the other one who was putting his penis on the bread.  First of all WHY oh WHY would you do either of these things, especially at work.  Where there are cameras to catch you, and if that wasn't enough, why don't you take your own pictures and spread them all over the web thanks to social networking sites!  Why do people always have to do disgusting things with food.  Why is it not enough to leave someone's food alone, make it and give it to them cleanly.  I never understood the whole messing this people's food in any dirty manner.  This is very juvenile and unacceptable to me.  Probably another big reason why I prefer to cook my own food.  I am picky and want to have control over as much of my food cooking process as possible. 

Of course curiosity took over and I decided (mainly for blog purposes) to search through other recent news to see what I could find.  I also came across an article talking about famous men and their sexed up selfies.  Weiner made the news again.  I guess with a name like that he can't help but live up to the hype haha.  If you are going to send anything through any sort of digital medium.  You must always know that it is always out there for the world to see no matter how careful you are.  Just make sure that you can stand up next to that picture with a "Hell yes that is me and I look amazing" kind of attitude and you should be fine.

Next I came across "The Gothamist" a New York online publication that seems to have a plethora of penile stories.  Of course the top story right now is a supposed "smallest penis in Brooklyn" contest that is being held.   I guess someone out there is trying to prove that he doesn't have the smallest penis?  I don't know why anyone would want to enter this contest especially if you thought that you had a chance to win....  You are more than welcome to read other great penis related news by following the link haha. 

And then of course I came across this gem of a story in today's news about a news reporter who was from a local station in Saginaw Michigan and giving a report on live television.  During this time she is indicating areas on a street map where road construction is taking place.  During this drawing phase, she accidentally draws a penis, while on live television.  That poor reporter will never live this one down haha.  It is quite hilarious to watch!


 I definitely wouldn't want to leave the women out, although this is somewhat unrelated, I came across an  energy drink website called ""  The headlines and testimonials are enough to leave you with tears in your eyes, of course that is assuming your mind is as dirty as mine is.....   Such as "Pussy Preferred "Compared to a cup of coffee, Pussy gives me mental energy and focus for a tough workout without keeping me awake at night later on."-A Devoted Fan"  This one kills me "Make sure you have plenty of PUSSY around the house for your next party or when friends drop by. There never seems to be enough Pussy to go around. Order yours today!"   And finally at the bottom of the page you will see  "Looking for Pussy?  Have it discreetly delivered to your door!"  This statement makes me wonder if this is really JUST an energy drink, why does it need to be discreetly delivered to your door.  Is this some sort of code for sex???  Supposedly, this is a legitimate energy drink product made by a British man, but who really knows for sure.....

And last but not least, you know how I love to cook, so I leave you with "11 Ways to Make Food Shaped Like Penises!"  This goes through everything from penis shaped eggs to start your morning out right to Penis pasta, to children's cakes made from phallic shaped cake pans, and of course the fully effective penis jello shots!  Enjoy! 

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