Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vehicular Heat Exhaustion PSA

Earlier today I came across an article that featured a video about vehicular heat exhaustion.  In the video a woman knowingly leaves her child in the car and goes into a grocery store to pick up a short list of items.  She locks the car, leaves all the windows up and does not leave the car running.  I would assume that the child is about 18 months to 2 years old.  He is young but seems unable to speak.  As the mother is in the store shopping it shows what happens to the child as the car heats up.  There are 2 people that walk by and see the child inside.  One waves to the child and then goes on her way.  Another woman tries the doors, but as they are locked she keeps going on her way.  By the time that the child has reached unconsciousness a man is coming out to his car and finding the doors unlocked finally breaks in.  We are to assume that he is too late at this point. 

Now I think that forgetting your child in the car is a travesty and that you need to do whatever it is that you possibly can to ensure that you do not forget your child in the car.  However knowingly leaving your child in the car so that you can "run an errand."  In the video ad, the mother is going around in a shopping cart.  What can be so horrible about bringing your child into the store and having them sit in the shopping cart?  I do not understand this.  It in inexcusable to me.

I never go more than an arms length away from my child with my son.  I never even leave his car seat uncovered.  I cover his car seat with a blanket during the day so as not to have him get burned on the car seat when he gets into the car. 

Here is the video, although I warn you that is is hard to watch even though it is just a re-enactment.  


And here is the original article of the story.  Please feel free to pass along this message to anyone who may need to watch it for a wake-up call.  Or possibly even for a reminder.

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