Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Screaming Animals

I was looking through news articles this evening in hopes of blog inspiration when I was lead to a hilarious animal video.  That being said I thought I would share some funny videos with you all.  Somehow screaming animals became the theme.  Enjoy

First I will share with you the hilarious video of Cody the dog who screams instead of barks/howls.  There's not much more to say for it, but I am sure it will have you laughing, check it out

Now we come to some hilarious goats screaming.  Goats have got to be some of the most hilarious screamers in the animal kingdom.  Enjoy!

Here is a great compilation of screaming animals.  I have to say that the frogs are the funniest part of it all (you also get to revisit Cody).

Due to the hilarity of the screaming frogs, I found an entire video dedicated just to them.  I have to say that "Tarzan" is my favorite one :)

I leave you with a great animal compilation with some repeats, but a pug that is so hilarious that he whole video is worth sharing.  Enjoy and let me know if you see any other screaming animals while you go about your daily life.

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