Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wreck It Ralph Movie Review

I finally was able to watch the awesomeness that was Wreck It Ralph.  It is an overall great movie!  If you have ever had an affinity for video games, especially arcade games than this movie will hold a special place within your heart.  However, do not shy away just because you aren't interested in video games.  The voice cast features an all-star comedy cast and the story line is great and grabs your attention.  I definitely recommend checking out this wonderful Disney children's movie regardless of your age.

Wreck It Ralph is about an arcade game villain who is tired of being the bad guy and just wants to have friends and spend his life with other people, instead of living alone in a garbage yard.  In his quest to try to prove that he can be a good guy he wants to attain a medal for proof.  This leads him to visit several other games in search of a medal and then when lost in an unlikely girly racing game (Sugar Rush) he loses the medal.  In it's loss he makes an unlikely friend with a character who is a glitch in her game.  In the end they must team up to save their games from being unplugged and protect the other games from being over-run by something that could destroy every arcade game plugged in. 

As far as the hilarious voice cast the main characters are voiced by:
John C. Reilly voices Wreck It Ralph (Step-brothers, Walk Hard the Dewey Cox Story).
Sarah Silverman voices Vanellope Von Schweetz-Ralph's unlikely and glitchy go-kart racer from the Sugar Rush game (School of Rock, School for Scoundrels)
Jack McBrayer voices Fix-It Felix the good guy to Ralph's bad guy in the game Fix it Felix (30 Rock)
Jane Lynch voices Sgt Calhoun from a bug killing game in which Ralph obtains his medal (40 Year Old Virgin, Glee)

Fun facts:  Wreck It Ralph is the 52nd animated feature by Disney Animation studios.  It earned $471 million world wide.  The concept for the movie was initially developed over 30 years ago int he 1980s.  At that time it was thought that the title would be "High Score."  It was also reworked in the 1990s and the 2000s.  There are many different video game cameos and references to even include a video game version of the musician  Skrillex as a DJ.  See how many you can find.

Here is the awesome trailer, go check it out or revisit it to find more things to love about it!

You can view the official Disney page dedicated to Wreck-It Ralph at: Wreck It Ralph Site

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