Friday, September 13, 2013

Omens Review

Let me just say again the Kelley Armstrong is always in the forefront of my favorite authors of all-times.  She sealed me in with the witty and imaginative Women of the Otherworld Series, and then proceeded to show off her prowess with the Crime based Nadia Stafford series (which is finally about to get the 3rd book released this November!  She truly showed her unwavering skills as an author and her versatility to be able to jump between characters and genres and then I read her young teen novel Loki's Wolves which caught my attention in a way I would have never imagined (Loki's Wolves Review).   This brings us to her latest book in a new series: Omens.

Omens is told in a way similar and yet completely different from any other book that Kelley has previously written.  I loved it!  She usually goes with a main character and the story is told from that
point of view, with each book being told from a point of view of someone else.  In Omens, Kelley tells the majority of the story through Sophia/Eden's eyes.  However, every few chapters you will have new insight into what you just read thanks to a short one or two story page from someone else's point of view either watching Sophia during her story telling and mostly after she had just left a location to help add to the mystery and drop clues to the story.  This added a fun layer of intrigue and clues so that you were trying to constantly re-evaluate your pick for the "bad guy."

Omens shares with all of Kelley's other books the ability to help you connect with her characters.  She brings them to life on the page!  You feel like you are working on the case right beside Sophia, trying to uncover clues of her past, and you meet the other characters and feel her feelings along-side her.

The book Omens as I have hinted is about debutante 24-year-old Olivia Taylor-Jones, the only daughter of a wealthy, prominent Chicago family and engaged to a Tech Company CEO with political aspirations.  Her life is basically perfect, until she learns that she is really adopted and her birth parents are serial killers.  She finds herself running away from the life she knows with nobody trying to stop her.  This leads her to Cainsville, Illinois, a unique town with the hint of supernatural going on
all around her.  She finds herself partnered with her mother's former lawyer to try to dig up all of the facts and find out if her parents really are convicted killers or if somebody got it wrong.

I don't want to say TOO much more about the actual story except that there is definitely some folklore laced into the story and a lot of Celtic (mostly Welsh) references that add another layer of fantastic to the already spectacular story.  I highly reccommend this book.  I don't recommend reading too many of the reviews as most describe cainsville as "creepy" and "spooky" and I never once felt this way.  Definitely feels like there is more to it to be sure, but it didn't seem to have a dark town to
me, more of a mischievous one. C  I couldn't put it down and finished it in two days which is a LOT of reading for my schedule.  It was well worth it and I can't wait to read the next Armstrong novel, I know it won't disappoint.  Check it out and I am sure you will become enveloped in the world of Cainsville as well!

*Happy Friday the 13th to all of my readers!  I was so happy to finish such an apt topic book on this day!  Enjoy!

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