Sunday, October 27, 2013

Parker Review

Last night I watched the movie Parker.  This was mostly due to the fact the Jason Statham was in it, and I have a big crush on him.  Not to mention that he is also a great actor.  I was definitely hesitant to watch it when I saw that his costar was Jennifer Lopez...  I suspected that it would make the movie quality go down.  Luckily I went into the movie with this expectation as it was pretty much right now.

The story line was not bad but compared to other movies that Jason (yes we go by a first name basis now ;) haha) is in, it wasn't my favorite pic.  It didn't have much of a Thriller genre into it.  It was kind of a movie that tried to hit several topics and never really stuck with one.  I wouldn't necessarily

classify it as an action movie, because it did have some action, but not a lot.  It definitely wasn't much of a comedy unless you count the witty dry humor that follows Jason in every movie, but that was only on a few occasions.  It definitely wasn't much of a love story, although it seemed as though Jennifer Lopez's character would have wanted to make it into one.  It wasn't much of a suspense because there was a lot of predictability to it. 

On the grand scale of movies, I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars.  I love Jason but this movie really fell flat.  You can't even blame J Lo for that one.  She portrayed her role well, but the story line felt choppy and predictable.  There wasn't the kind of action and fight scenes that I love Jason for to show his amazing flexibility and acrobatic skills.  The story in and of itself was quite lacking.  Essentially it is just Jason/Parker has been double-crossed by his team of merry robbers and now he is back to get what is his, coming back from the brink of death several times.  And yep that is pretty much it for the meat of the movie.  I saw a lot of opportunities that could have made the movie much more suspenseful, such as if Nick Nolte would have actually been a bad guy that double-crossed him, I kept waiting for it to happen and was disappointed when it was just another point in the story with no real explanation or a really choppy one for background. 

Throughout the movie, you feel like you have come into the story towards the end or the middle with little to no background about what has happened thus far and you are thrown into something that looks like it will be thrilling and exciting and gets rather boring in the middle, picks up a bit at the end, but never makes the full recovery you were hoping for.  Once again 3 out of 5 stars for this one.  Probably really only 2 out of 5, but Jason gets an extra star for being so studly.  Even if he has an atrocious fake Texas accent. 

*I have discovered that this was a movie based on a book, so in this case I will assume that the book is better and that a lot of the holes in the story are filled in better in the written form of the story. 

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