Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blueberry Walnut Salad

This is the impromptu salad and home made dressing that was created this evening :)  I definitely made this salad on the fly, so I am going to have apologize for the lack of step by step pictures that I am usually able to provide.  Instead you get to see the delicious end result :)

3 Large Leaves of Lettuce (Torn)
1/2 Tomato (Quartered)
1/2 Apple (Sliced)
1/2 Zucchini (Chopped)
1 Carrot (Peeled & Grated)
2 Tbsp Walnuts
1 Tbsp Dried Blueberries (or Cherries or Cranberries)

Dressing for 1 serving:
1/8 Cup Fine Red Wine Vinegar
1/8 Cup Wild Maine Blueberry Jam (I love the one from StoneWall, because it has copious amounts of actual whole blueberries within the jam)
1 Tbsp Orange Emulsion
1 Tbsp Dried Mix

For the dressing all all ingredients into a small bowl and mix thoroughly, set aside.  
Create the salad by placing the ingredients on the place in the order they are listed.  
Top with the salad dressing.  Serve & Enjoy!   

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