Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Celeste & Jesse Forever

I actually watched a non-children's movie the other night and wanted to write a review on it since it wasn't all that bad.  Celeste and Jesse Forever is about married couple Celeste (played by Rashida Jones) and Jesse (played by Andy Samberg).  Now of course if you know anything about this hilarious duo you would be expecting a great comedy.  Rashida Jones is from Parks & Rec, The Office, I Love You Man, etc.  Whereas Andy Samberg is from such awesomeness as The Lonely Island band, SNL, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, etc.  So I was definitely expecting a LOT of laughs.  Although there was comedic relief in this film, it had a more serious tone.

Celeste and Jesse Forever is about high school friends who got married and are now about to hit 30 after 6 years of marriage and they have been separated fort he past 6 months.  However they still do just about everything together and are the best of friends.  Jesse is still madly in love with Celeste and she is thinking that she wants to find her own independence and wants "more" out of life.  It is considered a romantic comedy but it seemed like there were a lot more serious and darker issues than one may encounter in most of the light-hearted romantic comedies that we think about today.

Rashida Jones also had a big hand in writing the  screen play for this movie that came out in 2012.  It was well received by critics and I feel that it had more depth than what I would have expected.  Jones' character shows an immense amount of character devilment throughout the movie.  More than you would normally see in the allotted time period.  Samberg also shows that he can pull off a serious role very well even if he does seem like he isn't overly happy throughout the entirety of the movie.  Rashida's wit shines throughout the film and really owns her character, and at times I could definitely see parts of myself in her at this point in her life.

Other Characters that played a role in this story include
Beth: a mutual friend of the couple played by Ari Graynor (The Fringe, The Sopranos)
Tucker: Beth's Fiance and also a mutual friend played by Eric Christian Olsen (NCIS:LA, Hero Factory, Community)
Scott: Beth's Boss played by Elijah Wood (Lord Of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, Wilfred)
Riley: A Pop Star that Celeste bashes and then must represent played by Emma Roberts (American Horror Story, We're the Millers, Aquamarine)

Overall I give this movie 4 Stars.  It was not what I expected but turned out better than I thought it would.  Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg actually make a fairly believable couple.  It was kind of depressing but also showed a lot of growth and learning in the characters.  I really wasn't fond of the abrupt ending, I was rooting for something happier, but instead it went with more of a realistic in terms of life type of wrap up.  I definitely recommend watching it, although it will be something very different for both of these main character to show you sides of them you may never have expected.

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