Friday, February 7, 2014

January's Playlist

I want to start doing a monthly playlist to see what songs have really influenced me throughout the year.  I am happy to share with my readers!  I always love new music suggestions!

This song has stuck with me for months, but every single time that I hear it, I feel like it just grasps me to my very core.  I feel empowered by it!

I really LOVE Kaskade!  Always great at making my morning drive to work better!

Good ol' Avril!  Everything outside of Skater Boi was great!  I love when Pandora gives me a visit to the greatness of the past.

The vibrancy of Lindsey's music makes you instantly perk up whenever any of them come on.

This song just sort of resonates with me whenever I hear it!  This month was the first that I was introduced to it!

Every Tuesday morning I find myself singing this song!  Anytime I hear anyone say :Tuesday morning: this is what I instantly think of!

This song came across my radio this month and when it comes on I just have to stop and dance and sing along!  One of my favorites from Usher

I was always sad that Amerie didn't get as big as I felt she should have.  Of course I remember the first time I heard this song and when it came across my Amerie station, it made me get out my phone to remember to post it for later!  *Hot video for an added bonus :)

This song never gets old for me!  It comes on in the car a lot of mornings, and I have been known to sit longer in the car until it is over!

I heard this song a lot this month as well!  I just love Ellie!

I know I am WAY behind the times with this song, but I never heard it until recently. Of course I instantly loved it!

Although the Part one of this song is good, part 2 feels like there is more depth and feeling to it! It has been frequenting my radio all month!

This song also frequently comes on and I just LOVE it every time I hear it! Such a fun song! Makes you want to dance!

Imagine Dragons are ON FIRE right now and I am glad to have loved them before they blew up! This song tells a serious story! It always sticks with me

I never heard this song until recently and it really spoke to me. Katy Perry has some great lyrics at times. I find myself singing this song all the time now.

I can remember the first time that someone told me that they were into modest mouse, and I thought it was one of the strangest band names I had ever heard. This song has been in so many soundtracks for movies and when I hear it it takes me back to some of those times, plus the chorus is fun!

I don't think that there are any Death Cab songs that I don't love, but this one has been coming up a lot lately!

Oh Florence! This song is SO powerful, as all of the FATM songs are! From the first time I heard this song I find myself coming across is constantly and I always stays with me and makes me think about it in depth.

I remember first hearing this song long ago! But it is so beautiful, and soul opening. I was so happy when it randomly popped up in my purview this month!

And then we have this intense blast from the past by Rob Dougan! You can't hear this song and NOT think of the Matrix... in fact listening to it just makes me want to go watch the Matrix right now....

This song is so beautiful. Every time I hear it, it goes on a mental wedding playlist for if I ever get married this is one of those songs that you would have to play! It always gives me hope that there is someone out there for me somewhere that will feel this way for me. I hope I am blessed in this life to find someone who will love me this much.

Haha I know it kind of changes the mood, but this song has ALWAYS been powerful to me with the past relationships I have been in. I can't hear this song and not feel the strength from walking away and turning the page on any related stories! Toni always makes me feel so empowered when I hear this!

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