Monday, February 10, 2014

Spectacular Female Mugshots: Dumb Criminals Part 6

In this edition of Dumb Criminals, I decided to choose based on some of the spectacularly awesome mugshots that are out there on the web.  You could probably spend years going through all of them, so here is just a sampling of some of the great ones that I found of women!  Enjoy!

Let's start off with the woman who gave zero fucks: Tracy Mabb.  She has possible one of the top 10 greatest mugshots of all time.  She was arrested in Florida 2 years ago for peeling off her clothes on the South Dixie highway around 5:40pm.  According to the report: "She pulled her long shirt up in front of drivers and pedestrians and exposed her entire body, including her breasts, vagina and buttocks, in a “complete vulgar and indecent manner.”"  The article jokes about how she must not have been taught how to expose her vagina in a polite and decent manner ;)  The actual charge was "exposing sexual organs."  I have heard of public indecency many times, but exposing sexual organs is definitely a new one haha.  Tracy was asked to put her shirt back on, and instead of complying she responded with "I don't give a fuck."  This sounds like a real winner to me.  Attention whore of the year for sure, and an exemplary example of somebody who truly gives "zero fucks."  Give it up for Tracy and her epic mugshot. 

You can find the full article here: Naked Florida Woman Gets Arrested

Let's move on to a perfectly great example of a mother showing her child what NOT to do when they grow up; Marsia Emanuel.  Marsia allegedly hailed a school bus that was transporting her daughter and other students.  She boarded the bus, then after some yelling in a foreign language she beat the bus driver.  During police questioning she decided it would be a great idea to add some icing on the cake and pulled down her underwear.  Perhaps it was a last ditch effort to offer herself to get off with minimal charges.  Or perhaps it was her way of trying to say that she was only crazy because it was "that time of the month."  Either way, this woman was acting like a crazy person, and I am thankful that the crazy was able to spill over onto the mugshot for our viewing pleasure! 

You can view the original article here: Marsia Emanuel was all mouth and vagina

Next we come to a tragic story of somebody who watched a LOT of CSI, but didn't fully grasp the concepts.  Angela C. Ferranti was involved in a car crash and then fled the scene.  Police arrived at the scene and located a sandals and a pair of shorts.  Thanks to the tracking skills of a dog named "Kilo", Ferranti was located in a wooded area wearing only bra and panties.  She claimed that she stripped down to her underwear to avoid the ability of a dog to track her by scent.  She was arrested on charges of DUI, Drug paraphernalia, leaving the scene of an accident and no registration...  I guess maybe next time she will run a little further and cover her scent better...  Or she could just skip the drinking and driving and save herself the hassle.  You can't be too mad at her attempt though, because it left us with a great mugshot :)

You can read the full story here: Woman in bra & panties can't elude police

Now we come to a woman who had a serious love of Girl Scout cookies; thin mints to be exact.  Hersha C. Howard was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after a fight with another woman over a box of Thin Mints...  In her defense it was probably the last box, and you just can't share Thin Mints, they are MUCH too delicious.  Howard was really feigning for some Thin Mints when she discovered that the cookies were *gasp* GONE!  According to police reports Hersha went into her roommate's room while she was sleeping and accused her of eating her cookies.  The roommate allegedly fed the cookies to Hersha's children when they were awake at 1am (oh no they will be Gremlins by morning).  The roommate offered to pay $10 for replacement of the cookies (that's WAY more than they originally cost, but nothing can cover the price of hunger for Thin Mints).  So of course Hersha refused and the arguing got physical which is when the roommate ran down the stairs being chased by Hersha who was brandishing a pair of scissors.  Instead of throwing the scissors at her like someone who was really angry, she instead opted to ditch the scissors and pick up a board (where the heck she got that from, no one will ever know) and instead struck the roommate while she was running (The board must have seemed more appropriate with it's longer reach and easier to hit a moving target with than the scissors).  In the kitchen the roommate ended up on the floor and was beaten by Hersha.  The roommate's husband got Hersha off of her (the roommate) while she made a mad dash outside.  Instead of stopping Hersha like any good husband would, Hersha instead was able to run outside and again beat the roommate...  this time with a sign.  Ok ok...  so did she rip the sign off of a pole, or was it just laying on the ground already, or maybe she magically picked it up in the house, just like the random board.  This story seems kind of fishy to me.  Maybe that roommate bitch shouldn't have fed her cookies to the kids...  Moral of the story...  Never touch a woman's Thin Mints....  This is one of those times were the saying "Bitches Be Crazy" is definitely appropriate!   However, once again we were rewarded with a winning mugshot!

You can find the original story here: Girl Scout Thin Mints Reported Stolen

The final mugshot of the night wraps up with a photo that is so spectacular that I will have to beg you to forgive me for the lack over interesting arrest story.  Arena Arnold, was charged with false impersonation after claiming to be a passenger in a crash.  She was in fact the driver of the crash, but after seeing her eyes, you may think that her claim of being a passenger could just be how she "sees" the road.  Ok ok that was mean, but I couldn't resist.  Enjoy the mugshot!

You can find the original story here: Rochester Woman Charged

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