Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIY: Easter Arts & Crafts for Kids

If you know me, you know that I like to find at least one fun and unique thing to do with my 3 year old son every weekend.  With Easter fast approaching, I have been looking around for some fun ideas for us to do.  A couple of the ideas I have been waiting for months to do for Easter, and some are new and fun!  Feel free to steal any and use yourself.  I would love to see pictures of your end results!

Easter Egg Sun-catchers

Easter Egg Sun-catcher
I just love this activity, it is fun, a bit messy and something that can be hung up int he window!  Liam loves things that we can hang up and that will last for a very long time :)

Easter Grass
Contact Paper
Painters Tape (or other heavy duty tape)
Double-Sided Tape (Just in case you need to seal the eggs better)

Place the contact paper on the table sticky side up using painter’s tape to keep it on the table. Add the confetti and Easter grass to stick onto the contact paper.  Add it to your heart's content and throw it around all over.  Seal it by adding a second sheet on contact paper on the top.  Cut into an egg shape or several egg shapes.  It is possibly that you may need to extra seal with double-sided tape in case the confetti is too thick.  Hang and enjoy!


Magic Balloon Treats

Magic Balloon Treats
I have been wanting to do this one for MONTHS!  I have been waiting for Easter on purpose!

Water Balloons
Yarn or String
Crafting Glue

Place candy inside of the balloon.  Blow up the balloon.  Mix equal parts crafting glue & water, wrap around the balloon.  Wait until dry and pop the balloon.

Striped Easter Eggs

Striped Eggs
I love how this look is both very clean and colorful looking.  It doesn't seem to be immensely challenging either, which means that my son will be able to help with it!

Hard Boiled Eggs
Easter Egg Dye (or food coloring)
Electrical Tape

Partially wrap eggs with electrical tape.  Dye the eggs.  Allow to dry and remove the tape.  Do it again in an alternating direction with a different color.  Dry and remove the tape, there you have it :)

Shaving Cream Egg Art

Shaving Cream Egg
Last year we tried doing the shaving cream and food coloring method to dye our Easter Eggs and it did NOT turn out the way it was supposed to.  I do think that paper may work better with the colors though, and I do not currently own a squeegee....

A surface to use, tray covered table, etc
Shaving Cream
Cardstock or Construction Paper
Acrylic Paints (Food Coloring gel works best)
Something to stir the paint (Spoon, toothpick, paintbrush)

Spray out enough shaving cream so that the surface area is larger than your paper.  Spread it around to make the surface smooth.  Squirt paint or dye onto the shaving cream.  Make shapes, or swirls or zigzags in the color.  Cut the paper into shapes (in this case Easter shapes).  Press the paper down onto the colored shaving cream and let it sit for a few seconds.  Remove the paper and let it sit shaving cream side up for a few minutes to soak in the color.  gently squeegee the shaving cream off of the paper which will leave the color behind.  Allow to dry before hanging or using as a card.

Ombre Dyed Eggs
This looks very pretty and very low mess.

Hard Boiled Eggs
Food Coloring

Place eggs into cups or containers that will allow them to sit upright.  Add enough warm water to cover about a quarter of the egg.  Add enough food coloring for it the color to show darkly in the water.  Let sit 10 minutes and then add enough water so that the eggs are now half covered.  Let sit for another 10 minutes and cover up to the 3/4 mark.  Sit for another 10 minutes and cover completely.  After 5 minutes of total immersion you can remove to dry.  *Keep in mind that 40 additional minutes in warm water may cook the egg yolk a bit more.

Plastic Egg Snake Toy

Plastic Snake Toy
This is a great way to utilize your leftover plastic eggs and turn them into something fun and awesome :)

Plastic Lacing Cord
Newer Style Plastic Easter Eggs with two holes on the top and bottom
Googly Eyes
Red Paper Tongue

Cut the plastic lacing cord to about 3 feet long.  Know the end.  Threat the cord through on of the top shell openings.  Continue threading the cord through the eggs alternating from the left and right holes as you go.  Knot the end of the lacing cord when you have threaded all the top egg shells.  Decorate the snake head using the bottom of on of the eggs.  Attach googly eyes and a red paper tongue to the snakes face.  Snap it in place onto the last top egg shell.  Bend and slither and play.  

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