Friday, May 16, 2014

Angel Baby

Let me just say WOW!  This book was phenomenal.   I won this book in a first reads giveaway, but it was one that I gladly would have paid for by description alone.

Angel Baby is based around a woman named Luz who is married to a Tijuana drug cartel key player, but runs away to try to get back to her daughter in the US.  Many men for varying selfish reasons stand in her way between her frantic run for a life with her daughter.

This book read like a movie.  I was drawn into the story, there  for every emotion. every scene.  I could envision all of it happening before my eyes.  The mother in me wanted to hate Luz for her selfish reason for abandoning her daughter and then to want to rip her from her life so she can have her back years later, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I found myself rooting for her the whole way, wanting her to make it, it was a gripping journey.

Richard Lange (The brilliant author of this book, whom I just realized I hadn't given credit to yet), did an amazing job in capturing so many aspects of cartel life and Tijuana without overdoing it.  He was able to transport me right there with each of the characters.  There was definite lead up throughout the book to keep it interesting.  I was thinking that I could guess what was going to happen next and he was great at throwing an unexpected curve ball just when I was  playing into a path that seemed predictable.

The descriptions of locations are enough for me to envision, but not over exaggerated to the point that I found my self skipping through text to get back to the good stuff.  The actions was wonderfully dispersed throughout the book.  Lange never left a dull moment, but still allowed for enough lead up to have the book keep it's hooks in you until the end.  I honestly found myself staying up later, with my eyes barely open just to grasp another chapter.  I am ecstatic that I was able to be introduced into Lange's writing and am looking forward to checking out his other novels!  I highly recommend.  An easy 5/5 at the very least, if not more. 

In a search for a cover photo I came across a hopefully true article that stated that Warner Brothers has already acquired writes to the book for making it into a movie!  It was written so well, that I felt like it already was a movie, so I hope that it can be done as beautifully on screen!
Warner Brother's Acquires Rights to Lange Book

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