Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Thorn Birds

I had been reading this book for quite awhile during my breaks at work when I finally finished it.  I must say that I felt like something was missing in my life when the journey did come to a close. 

The Thorn Birds is written by Colleen McCullough and encompasses three generations of the Cleary family.  The story is predominantly placed in Australia during the depression.  Speaking of
depressing, this book is seriously depressing and kind of a downer for about the first half and almost 3/4 of the story.  Not to say that it isn't a good read, but it left me wondering if any one in the family was ever going to catch a break.  The historical fiction was brilliant and the characters were really brought to life. 

I really connected with Meggie as a little girl and as she got older.  She spent her life striving for happiness in her own surrounding and life really knocked her down, but she never gave up hope and never let go of the love she felt in her heart. 

There is so much heart break from every realm that a heart can be touched within this story.  I found myself crying at work on several occasions.  I just wanted so much for so many of the characters to find happiness.  Yet they were not fully miserable.  They accepted their lives as they were and went on with life.  None of these characters looked at life with defeat and gave up.  They were all hard working and persevered. 

As a reader you follow Meggie from the time that she is a little girl.  You get to see her grow up and then have her own family and watch her grow old.  The main love of the story is between Meggie Cleary and a forbidden man to her Ralph di Bricassart.  Ralph is a priest in the Catholic church and therefor has sworn off women in his love of God and the church.

Justine is Meggie's daughter and I was not a big fan of her until the last part of the book and then I must say that I absolutely loved her.  Her spunk and zest for life in comparison to the rest of the Cleary clan was a nice relief and a splash of color in their gray world. 

The closing of the book spoke volumes.  There were so many (dare I say) epic lessons within this classic story.  This book was not written lightly and was not meant to merely entertain, it was meant to SPEAK to the reader.  That it did for me.  I still feel like something it missing after saying goodbye to these characters.  I give it a 5 out of 5 stars and high recommend this historical fiction book. 

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