Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 2014 Playlist

Here are 30 songs that impacted my life in the month of June.  Enjoy :)

1. Burn-Ellie Goulding: Because sometimes you just have to let it burn (ok so maybe that's from Usher, but it's still true with Ellie's song). 

2. Here (In Your Arms)-Hellogoodbye: I love this song :)  It's so upbeat :0)

3. Mr. Vain-Culture Beat: Not much needs to be said here....  classic :)

4. Heaven-DJ Sammy:  Ahh the memories of growing up.

5. Amber-311:  One of my all-time favorite bands and this song is so wonderful...  It is such a great mellow song, like old times when people used to slow dance...

6. Hazy-Rosi Golan: I love Rosi she has some great songs.  "What if I fall and hurt myself, would you know how to fix me?  What if I went and lost myself, would you know how to find me?  What if I forgot who I am, would you please remind me?  'cause without you things get hazy."

7. Bad (Remix)-Wale feat Rihanna:  Had to get my RiRi fix :)  Whenever I hear this song, I think about Rihanna bad luck in love and wonder if these words are true for her.

8. Bounce-Timbaland feat Justin Timberlake: I love the beats that Timbaland comes up with, and this song just cracks me up.

9. Missin' You-Trey Songz: There honestly aren't many Trey Songz... uh songs that I don't love :)  It's a song about missing someone but the beat makes you want to sing and dance along.

10.  This Time-John Legend:  This is such a powerful song from John Legend, you can feel the emotion behind it.  It really resonates with me, because it has been that second chance excuse...  Always makes me wonder when I can meet someone who can get it right the first time without having to say words like this, it should be "all of you" from the first time.

11. Under the Bridge-Red Hot Chili Peppers: This will forever by my favorite RHCP song...  even if the video is weird as crap haha

12. Are You That Somebody?-Aaliyah: Oh Aaliyah, I will always love you.  And this song.... Reminds me of growing up, and I still love it.  90s style and 90s dancing haha

13. Death of a King-Approaching Nirvana: I find that anytime an AN song comes on that I am in love with it from the very start, this one keeps standing out to me lately, I had to share it's musical beauty.

14. He's a Pirate-David Garrett: Recently I have been recommended a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean music, and I can't say that I mind it, hearing this makes me think of Jack Sparrow and his mischievous grin ;)

15. Moment of Clarity-Jay-Z: This is one of favorite songs by Jay-Z, I love the beat and the way that the flow of the song stays constant throughout the entire song.  The lyrics are very personal also. 

16. 'Till I Collapse-Eminem: This has always stood out as a powerhouse song from Eminem to me.  His genius rhymes always show his intelligence shining through.  Also Nate Dogg on here...  Oh how Nate Dogg added such a smooth element to any song he was a part of.

17.  Slow Jam-Usher feat Monica: From when I first fell in love with Usher's music

18. Through With Love-Destiny's Child: I will always be a DC fan :)  "I'm through with it... love, I'm finally givin' it up.  I've given so much love in the past for a love that I never had."

19. Freak On A Leash-Korn: During the cartoon music video era.  And when I was a huge Korn fan, such a unique and great song.  I love how the video incorporates Korn's album covers, I can't even count how many times we watch the bullet flying through the video.

20. Words as Weapons-Seether: Seether is good for consistent greatness, and I am loving this newer song by them!

21. Arms-Christina Perri: I have seriously been on a Christina Perri obsession lately, I can just loop her for hours (and have at work).  This song just makes me want to have someone to hold in my arms.  "I hope that you see right through my walls, I hope that you catch me 'cause I'm already fallin'  I'll never let a love get so close, you put your arms around me and I'm home"

22. Say Something-A Great Big World feat Christina Aguilera: This song always makes me cry, the message is so powerful...  "Say Something I'm giving up on you. I'll be the one if you want me to.  Anywhere I would have followed you.  Say Something I'm giving up on you... I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you.... And I will swallow my pride, you're the one that I love, I'm saying goodbye..."  The video gets me every time.

23. What's Up-4 Non Blondes: You just can't not listen when this song comes on.  Great classic.

24. Lovefool-Cardigans: Romeo & Juliet.... Leo DiCaprio... need I say more?  Also this song has always felt like such a love conundrum....  Unfortunately I have related to it in my younger dating years.

25. Cello Wars-The Piano Guys: The talent is amazing, I just love this one.

26. You Learn-Alanis Morissette: Alanis always sticks with me.  The older I get the more her lyrics mean to me.  I just lover her more every year. 

27. Roundtable Rival-Lindsey Stirling: I love this song, I feel like somebody needs to be dancing a jig around a bar to it :)  And then she throws in the guitar to rock it out :)

28. Brain Stew-Green Day: Oh man the memories of good old school Green Day :)

29. You're Gonna Go Far Kid-The Offspring: I have been nothing short of thrilled with my Offsping station that gives me nothing by great songs such as this.  I always forget how many songs I love by the Offspring until I start binge listening.

30. Weightless-Natasha Bedingfield: I always love the message in Natasha's songs.  Her songs always speak to me, and she is always pushing back against the conformity of society traditions.  "The sky is the limit and I just wanna flow.  Free as a spirit on a journey of hope.  Cute the strings and let me go, I'm weightless."

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