Wednesday, August 20, 2014

July 2014 Playlist

Here is a playlist of the 30 songs that impacted me throughout the 31 days of July!  Enjoy

1. Your Guardian Angel-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: This is such a beautiful song, I always want to stop and listen whenever I hear it.

2. Defy You-The Offspring: I don’t think I can ever mention enough times how much I love The Offspring!  This is one of their greats.

3. Penguin-Christina Perri: I love penguins, I love Christina and this is a cute song, now I want to write a song about Lobsters….

4. Togther-The XX: The Great Gatsby seriously had one of the greatest soundtracks of all, I love this song.

5. More Than Love- Amerie feat Fabolous:  Songs like this could go either way with the ending that they chose for the video.

6. Come Close-Mary J. Blige: This will always be one of my favorite Common songs, and Mary J. looks likes she hasn’t aged a day.

7. You-Mya: Great song, would be nice….

8. Selling the Drama-Live: Because teenage years, that’s why 

9. God Bless the U.S.A.-Lee Greenwood: This song makes me cry every time I hear it.  You can’t have the 4th of July without this song.  I will always think about being at the Linvingston 4th of July Rodeo watching the fireworks.  

10. 1979-Smashing Pumpkins: Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness…. Need I say more?

11. You’ll Be In My Heart-Phil Collins: Liam was really into Tarzan in July, and the stupid movie made me cry multiple times every time we watched it….  Such amazing lyrics and what they represent.

12. Beautiful-Snoop Dogg feat Pharrell and Charlie Wilson:  This song will always and forever remind me of Tech School and Graham's Central Station......

13. Next to You-Chris Brown feat Justin Bieber: Even those this video is pretty dumb(which is why I opted for the lyrics version instead), I do still love the message of this song.

14. Ironic (Acoustic)-Alanis Morissette: In case the original wasn't awesome enough, this acoustic version is for when you want the same message in a slower tone :) You can never go wrong with Alanis.

15. Over the Love-Florence and the Machine: How can you not love a FATM song?  This song is so beautiful, and I always love her lyrics, and it comes off of the amazing Great Gatsby soundtrack.  

16. Don't You Wanna Stay-Jason Aldean feat Kelly Clarkson: Yeah yeah I know country music, but I can recognize a great song with great lyrics regardless of genre. 

17. Rosie's Lullaby-Norah Jones: I was blessed to be able to see Norah in concert, and that girl is talented.  This is such a beautiful song.

18. Soldier of Love-Sade: Sade is the queen of music, and I too am a soldier of love.

19. I Miss You-Blink-182: Blink reminds me of growing up and I always loved this song.

20. Let It Be-Blackmill feat Veela: Blackmill never disappoints, they always have entrancing songs.  Love this one!  "Let it come, and let it be"

21. Derezzed (Glitch Mob Remix)-Daft Punk: Because this song is straight awesomeness, and shows the art of musical prowess.

22. Can You Handle It-Usher: This song is just hot, and slow and I love it.

23. Fat Bottomed Girls-Queen: Before Sir Mix-A-Lot there was Queen...  Even if Freddie Mercury was picturing something else in the front.....  It's still a classic :)

24. Falling Slowly-Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova: "I don't know you, but I want you all the more for it Words fall through me, always fool me, and I can't react.  Games that never amount to more than their meant will play themselves out"  Such power in those lyrics.  I have to stop everything and listen when these two amazing musicians get together.  If you have never been blessed with the opportunity of watching Once, you need to make your life better by doing so.  That movie never gets old for me.

25. Open Your Eyes-Snow Patrol: I seriously cannot get enough of this song.  I could listen to it on repeat for days.  I always have to crank it up and sing along.  This song just speaks to me in so many ways! 

26. Lost-Michael Buble': Michael has been gone from my playlists for far too long with how much I love him!  This is another one of his great songs. 

27. Cookie Jar-Gym Class Heroes feat The Dream: This song is so hilarious and brilliantly put together.  I just love Gym Class Heroes and Travie McCoy :) 

28. Spectrum of the Sky-Break of Reality: Just a beautiful instrumental song.

29. Stay With Me-Sam Smith: I love this song Sam can seriously sing, it's definitely heartfelt and heart breaking.  I think we have all had that relationship that was doomed from the start but had some sort of crazy chemistry that you wanted to keep fighting for it anyway. 

30. Turn Your Lights Down Low-Bob Marley & Lauren Hill: I will always love this song, such a great (post mortem) collaboration.

31. End it On This-No Doubt:  Seemed like such a fitting song to wrap up the playlist from the songs I had to choose from throughout the month :)

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