Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rise of the Trinity

I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  

Rise of the Trinity is written by Claudia Cullen and is based around a prophecy of triplet sisters that will stand as the only force to defeat “the destroyer.”  Slightly cliché, I know, but this book is worth the chance.

Claudia has done a great job of personalizing each sister in vastly different ways, Sinhade, Jessale, and Liana were all separated at birth to fulfill different obligations for their queen mother.  The world building and storytelling is definitely commendable.  Claudia has definitely created the great first to a book series (a Trilogy would only be right with the Trinity after all).  ;)

Although the girls are reaching their 15th birthday and rite of passage, Claudia superbly captures the older age of time in the book when the youth were burdened with adulthood life and decisions even before this age.  Each girl is mentally broken in a unique way, and each has vastly different strengths.  On their 15th birthday their father bestows upon them their birthright gift which opens up a whole new world for each of them.

Initially I loved Jessale the most, even though she is the most broken, but by the end of the book, I couldn’t help but champion Liana for her spark and independence.  Although the good vs evil fight has been; and will continue to be written about, a thousand times over, Claudia was able to make this story uniquely her own.  This book stands out from others in its genre.  

With all of that being said, I have to point out some glaring deficiencies.  TYPOS!  They are so distracting, and in this case it was mostly to do with character names.  There is an ancillary character named Enoch, whose name is spelled Enoch, Enock and Inoch all within the span of about 3-5 pages.  I also found there was sister name swapping several times.  I’m not sure if this had to do with another sister originally carrying out an action and in edit the sister’s role was changed, but the name was mistakenly left, or what was the case.  Luckily it was easy to keep reading and figure out which person was meant, but it did break up the flow of the writing.  

Overall I give this book 4/5 stars.  Despite the typos, it was an engaging story and was easy to get into.  The book hits the ground running and keeps the pace for the majority of the story.  This initial book in the series is like a huge set up for the main events to come.  I will definitely be reading on to the second book when given the opportunity.  If you are into fantasy, fiction, young adult, prophecy, light and dark, spirituality, and anything in between, you will enjoy this book. 

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