Sunday, March 22, 2015

HSC (Highly Sensitive Child) or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)?

I am doing research right now and I found a section in a book that reminded me so much of Liam's issues with his last day and hit the nail right on the head, so I wanted to share it, because it was always my argument against any claims that he as a 2-3 year old had ADD: many teachers or counselors are most familiar with the attention deficit HSC (highly sensitive child) who naturally notices sounds and movement will be highly distractible in distracting environments which could lead to the diagnosis of ADD. However, such a child will have good concentration when there are no distractions, which is not typical of children with ADD/ADHD. If the disorder began due to a change with a new teacher or school, often a poor fit is the real cause. A teacher who demands that children be highly focused at all times, may result in an HSC that unable to focus, making them more aroused or anxious which will further decrease their ability to focus.

Thank you, moving my son to a more suitable environment made ALL the difference in the world, even if I did it without reading this book first. Liam was labeled as a trouble child with no discipline because he had issues sitting in a chair with little to no activity for the majority of his day, at the age of 2-3 years old. 

He is now a leader, and a good example, and was always at the top of his class in what he actually knew in terms of his education, so now he is excelling even more. 

I was even advised by his daycare to talk to his pediatrician about medication for ADD. He is a CHILD, he is MEANT TO BE A CHILD. Stop trying to force medicate because you don't want to allow children to thrive and grow if it causes you to exert any extra effort. If you can't handle it, then PLEASE, for the LOVE OF OUR FUTURE, STAY OUT OF THE ROLE of being any part of shaping child's life. 

Rant over. For further reading check out her book "The Highly Sensitive Child"

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