Monday, July 15, 2013

Beef Stroganoff with Loaded Mashed Red Potatoes

This evening I created a beef stroganoff dish with a side of loaded mashed red potatoes.  I normally start out with a recipe for inspiration and then go from there.  This is my step by step version exactly as I made it.  Turned out quite delicious. 

Recipe for the Beef Stroganoff
1 package Stew Meat
3 oz butter
8 oz egg noodles (wide works best)
2-4 tsp Salt & pepper (can substitute Alpine Touch)
2 tsp Mediterranean Oregano (reg can be used but I prefer the taste of Mediterranean)
8 oz pack of Mushrooms tops diced (whichever you prefer I used Monterey for this recipe)
½ Zucchini peeled and diced
8 oz package of cream cheese
½ cup Orange Liquor (I used Gran Gala)
1 Cup Sour Cream
1 tsp Parsley
Melt 2 oz of butter in heavy bottom skillet.  Add stew meat, 2 tsp Salt& Pepper,  & 2 tsp Oregano and brown the meat, this should take about 6-8 minutes total.  While stew meat is being browned boil water in a separate pan for the noodles.  Add noodles and boil until al dente.  Drain and set aside the noodles once complete.  Once browned remove the steak from the pan (I store in the microwave to keep warm).  Don’t clean out the pan to ensure maximum flavor.  Add the final oz of butter to the pan and add the diced mushrooms & zucchinis cook until softened about 2-3 minutes.  Once softened add the cream cheese and the orange liquor, simmer for about 5 minutes.  Add the sour cream and the remaining Alpine Touch as well as the Parsley and simmer for about minute or two to mix.  Add the steak back into the sauce and stir until thoroughly mixed and warmed.  Serve by pouring sauce over the noodles when ready to eat.  Enjoy!

Recipe for Loaded Mashed Red Potatoes
5-6 red potatoes
1 Cup 2% Milk or Half & half
1-2 oz butter
2TBsp Sour Cream
1-2 cloves garlic chopped
2 green onion stalks chopped
¾ cup shredded cheese ( I used colby jack)
2 tsp Salt & Pepper ( I use Alpine Touch)
2 tsp Basil (I use Mediterranean)

Quarter the red potatoes, I leave the skin on for added flavor.  Put into a pan and almost cover with water.  Boil until potatoes begin to soften (you should be able to mash them easily with a cooking spoon).  Empty any excess water.  Turn the heat to Low.  Add the milk and butter.  If you do not want lumps in your potatoes now would be the best time to use the whisk to eliminate any lumps in the potatoes.  Add the remaining ingredients mix and turn to Simmer until the cheese is thoroughly melted.  The potatoes should not be ready to eat.  You can add a dash of Basil on top when served to taste.   

 *Pictures are in chronological order

Brown the stew meat & boil the potatoes
Soften mushrooms, continue boiling potatoes
Soften mushrooms & zucchinis, continue boiling potatoes
Add cream cheese & orange liquor to the sauce, potatoes should be softened from boiling
Add sour cream to the sauce and the remaining potato ingredients
Add the meat back into the sauce and ensure cheese is melted in the potatoes

Serve & Enjoy!


  1. Looks Delicious! Love the step by step pictures and directions.