Thursday, July 18, 2013

Belly Pilates

Belly Pilates with Rania Review

I bought the DVD Belly Pilates with Rania a few years ago.  I have done it many times in the past but I am always in so much pain from sore muscles afterwards that I am no good at sticking with it.  Let me give you some background on the video:  Belly Pilates is a workout designed by revered Belly Dance fitness instructor Rania Bossonis and created in 2008.  In it she combines Belly Dancing & Pilates to do a lot of flowy and isometric moves.  Rania has many other Belly Dance inspired workouts that I will check out in the future to include Belly Abs, Belly Yoga, Belly Dance Fitness, & Belly Dance Fat Burning.  You can buy it on Amazon new for about $7 or used for less than $2.  It is a great workout to get many muscles in the legs, shoulders and abs.  I would suggest a lot of stretching afterwards.

Mychal and I have been working out in the evenings at home and we take turns deciding what we do.  So I challenged him to my belly pilates DVD.  Let's just say that I don't think he was expecting it to be as hard core as it was, and I spent more time giggling at his groans of movements than working out.  He claims to already be sore and is dreading how he will feel when he wakes up in the morning.

If you want to check out any samples of these video just look up Rania & Belly and all kinds of workout videos associated with her come up int he results.  I perused through a few but couldn't find one from Belly Pilates, it seems to be one of her first videos created and she seems to have gotten better production and helpers in the background since she first started.  I would definitely recommend Belly Pilates, as it is only about a half hour workout and then you are done.  It looks like the rest of her videos would be great as well.  Enjoy toning those abs, and feeling the burn in the morning :)

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