Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fake butts in San Angelo

Fake butts in San Angelo

I came across a news article this evening that rated little San Angelo, Texas as in the top 5 cities for getting butt augmentations done.  This could include implants or just reshaping of the butt.  Considering that the other 4 cities included Miami, Orlando, Atlanta & Baltimore, this seemed quite random.  TO give you some frame of reference San Angelo is a smaller city of about 112,000 people. 
Naturally of course I have been conducting online research into the validity of this claim because it seemed quite crazy.  I found that there are at a minimum, 10 doctors in the city that perform butt augmentations. That is 1 doctor for about every 11,000 people.  That is a LOT of butt implants.  I know they do other cosmetic surgeries, but I didn’t realize San Angelo was so “fake.”  Especially when you take into consideration how much of the population included military and college students and retirees….  Maybe that’s what veteran’s wives like to do to keep their husbands around…  Get that ass back in shape hahaha…  Ok that was wrong I know…

I also came across a lot of before and after pictures.  Let’s just say that some of these women getting butt implants are the equivalent of someone with an A cup getting Double D’s.  I guess that is their prerogative, but it kind of sucks for people who are natural.  It’s like cheating at dating ;)  I guess guys say the same thing about push up bras though….  A lot of these procedures are now also being affectionately termed “Brazilian Butt Lifts.”

Part of my research brought me to a west Texas escorts page..  Naturally I searched through the San Angelo ones to see if there was anyone I knew and found it crazy that women really advertise themselves this way and put pictures of their faces out there.  After going through about 10 of the San Angelo ones, only one being remotely attractive I didn’t see anyone I knew and bored of trying to find any haha.  That is a whole other subject thought, so don’t let me get too off topic.  

A butt augmentation fact page also lead me to click on the link for vaginal rejuvenation surgery otherwise known as vaginoplasty…..  I really don’t have anything more to say about that…  Feel free to be an immature dirty minded person such as myself and laugh at that…. I know I know it can be a serious issue that people need, and goodness I hope I am never one of them….  Especially with all those class action suits against vaginal mesh gone wrong….  Ok I really am done with this subject now haha.    Wait wait wait..  As I was about to leave this intriguing curios of a page, I spotted a link to G spot amplification surgery.  In case you have never heard of this (as I never had previously); let me tell you about it.  Basically the doctor injects collagen in about a quarter size amount into the G spot potentially amplifying your G spot sensitivity.   This supposedly lasts for about 4 months….  I can’t imagine ever wanting to do this more than once…  Unless of course it made such an amazing difference that the natural G spot just couldn’t cut it anymore…  Vibrators seem a lot cheaper to me… as well as that amazing Purse Satisfaction Unisex Enhancement Gel you can get from “romance” parties….  But I digress, back the procedure:  Now I decided to share this tidbit with you all due to the fact that part of the procedure requires the woman to actually locate her G Spot and indicate where it is to the Doctor….  The endless possibilities of how this could go are not even fit for writing…  however I can imagine that this could get QUITE awkward for anyone that is not comfortable with their sexuality (however if that is true you most likely aren’t seeking this procedure to begin with).  Even if you are comfortable though, how badly do you need the amplification to actually have Doctor messing around in your vajayjay and showing her (or him) where your G spot is.  Somehow I keep picturing having to show a man in this awkward scenario in my head….  And what if you don’t know where your G spot actually is (which could be the driving need for the amplification surgery).  Does the doctor help you locate it……  And moving on now…..
Butt implants can go HORRIBLY wrong.  I also came across an article about a woman who had silicone butt implants put in.  Unfortunately the procedure did not go as planned and she ended up having to get both arms and legs amputated….  I don’t think a fake butt is worth all of that.  I wonder if she wishes that she would have just toned it more instead….   I came across another article of a woman going in for her second procedure and it ended up killing her.  :(
In conclusion, I found this concept quite intriguing.  I asked around to my local guy friends and was told that in fact with their experience that there are a LOT of girls in the local area that have fake butts.  I was told that it is easy to tell just like breast implants by touch…  I still have no concrete evidence to the validity of this claim but I certainly learned a lot of new things that I never needed to know, and now I can share that with the world and intrigue your sick fascination into the weird and wonderful world that we live in.  Have a wonderful night.
Signed, Naturally Bootyed Brittany ;)

In case you are interested here is the original article that spawned this great blog of the evening.   Comments of all kind are welcome as always!  


  1. I read the original article yesterday when u posted it. I never knew this was so popular. Your additional input is great. If I ever decide to venture into Atlanta I am going to be on the lookout lol.

  2. Thanks Alana, I am glad that you enjoyed my input! If you spot any feel free to send a picture and maybe I can do a fake butt watch blog ;)

  3. That is a wonderful idea! Lol. I will definitely try and capture any proof I find.