Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh Sookie

As I am re-watching Season Three of True Blood, I have to laugh once again at the Snoop Dogg music video "Oh Sookie".  If you have never watched True Blood from the purchase of the Seasons than you may have missed out on this gem of a video.  The chorus cracks me up:  "Come and join my team, we can do it in the daytime, Bill won't know a thing."  I don't understand why all of the dancers have overly fake blonde wigs though, it looks pretty ridiculous.  They could have just found blonde girls to be in the video.  Or perhaps it was to show that no one can compare to Sookie.  I have to say that I  found it interesting that Sam turning into a dog makes him a bitch by Snoop's standards when he is a self proclaimed DOGG.  I guess when you add an extra G it makes a difference haha.  I love Snoop's full hand ring that says SOOKIE, as well as his Sookie necklace.  The attention to detail in the video is great to watch.  I just always loved that Snoop proclaimed himself as one of Sookie's biggest fans.  In case you have yet to see it, I have shared it from YouTube below.  Enjoy!

*This video does not belong to be and is being shared from YouTube for entertainment purposes only.

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