Saturday, July 20, 2013

Opposites according to Liam

A glass being full or empty according to Liam.
Let me start by showing a picture of part of one of Liam's (my 2 and a half year old son for those of you who don't know) books that prompted this blog thought:

 As you can see on this page it is showing opposite of a glass full and empty and a girl being happy and sad.  I have always laughed at Liam when he reads this page because to him the glass is "drink" and "need more drink."  As he is learning more about emotions he is able to point them out in people around us.  So as he used to say that this girl was crying, this evening he said "happy" and "sad need more drink."  
Now you could go in many different directions with this.  Initially I thought about a glass being "half empty" or "half full" and how a child doesn't even see it that way at all.  My son views this glass as either having something that he wants in it, or needing to have something that he wants in it refilled.  Or "more drink."  If only the rest of us thought this way as this doesn't really have to be a glass "half empty" but just an opportunity to add more "drink" to it. 
You could also take this as my son is a future alcoholic haha.  He either has drink or needs more drink and you are sad when you need more drink haha.  I didn't really think about it that way until I was writing this blog and it popped into my head haha. 
Ultimately if we are only viewing something by what it needs (ie the solution) and the way that we can feel if we get it, than we are able to more easily overcome obstacles instead of just seeing emptiness.  Defining that emptiness and the "drink" that it needs more of can simplify our problems and make life run a lot more smoothly.   I don't know maybe I am just reaching here, but it makes sense in my head haha.  I would love to hear your take on it. 

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