Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Wolverine Review

Last night I had the opportunity to make it out to see Wolverine.  As a fan of the X-Men movies from the very beginning, I can honestly say that they have done a superb job with both Wolverine installments.  Although it is helpful to have seen previous movies before watching The Wolverine, I would say that the number one movie that you must watch before this one is X-Men Last Stand.  There any many Jean Grey references and if you have not yet seen this movie, you may feel at a loss as to why this is such a big deal for Logan.  The time period of this movie is after the X-Men last stand, with Logan hiding out in Canada. 

In case you know nothing about the X-Men it is based upon the Marvel Comics.  Wolverine is played by Hugh Jackman and he is a mutant who can heal himself (which also greatly decreases the rate at which he ages), very keen senses and also has adamantium (an insanely strong medal) throughout his
body with 3 retractable claws in each hand to slash and fight with. 

In this movie, Logan (Wolverine) is having constant bad dreams, usually about Jean Grey, but also one about Japan and the bombing at Nagasaki and a samurai soldier that he rescued.  He ends up being summoned by this same samurai soldier on his death bed and ends up in the middle of a corrupt Japanese political game.  The man Yashida offers to provide Logan with a way to end his eternal life and finish out a normal life and die at the end.  This movie also features Viper as a villain. 

I rate movies based on movie theater worthy, DVD worthy, or Netflix worthy.  This movie was definitely movie theater worthy.  There were some great cinematography, and it does not bore with a great story line.  I recommend staying through the end of the credits as you will get some insight into what is in store next for the X-Men.  X-Men movies are notorious for leaving clues about future projects at the end of the credits, and this one does not fail to answer some speculative questions, as well as leave you thirsty for more X-Men.   I will definitely buy this movie when it comes out!

Here is the Trailer, I used the International one and I do not have any rights to this video , it is used for entertainment purposes only. 

*I do not recommend looking into the wikipedia on this movie before you watch it.  It is filled with spoilers. 

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