Monday, July 29, 2013

Unconditional Movie Review

I want to review a movie that I have now seen three times, that most people I encounter have never heard of: Unconditional

I first came across this movie thanks to an enormous crush on Michael Ealy and a netflix search for available movies.  I originally got it through the mail on DVD but it is currently on Netflix's instant watch.  Initially I was hesitant to watch this movie as I am not big on religious types of movies.  I wrestled with whether or not I should even watch it because I do NOT like religion pushing movies.  Let me just say that although there IS a God presence within this movie that it is NOT like any other religious movie I have ever seen.  The main message and focus within this movie is the faith in LOVE not the faith in any one type of religious belief.  No one ever attends any church let alone a church of any kind, so I think that was great in making this a more open movie to all audiences.

This movie is based on a true story and is about a boy named Joe and a girl named Sam who are childhood friends.  Joe is played by Michael Ealy and Sam is played by Lynn Collins.  Sam's husband is murdered in a bad part of town in Tennessee, and she is in a deep depression, having lost all faith in life and the will to live.  She returns to the spot of her husband's murder and before taking matters into her own hands, two children run into the road and a little girl is hit by a car.  Sam puts herself on the back burner and takes the children to the hospital, where she randomly runs into Joe after not seeing him for many years.

Joe has taken it upon himself to become a haven and a source of positity and inspiration to encourage learning in school age children in the neighborhood.  His drive is able to help Sam find new purpose in her own life and bring her back to her true love, which is writing and illustrating children's books. 

I know that my words do the message of love in this story no justice, as the movie itself needs to be watched to truly understand.  Let me just say that this is one to take a chance on and not to pass up.  The love that you feel from the message is real and brought tears to my eyes.  I hope to be able to share this wonderful movie with you and have you not pass over it for assuming it is anything more than a story about the many forms of unconditional love.  

Here is a trailer for the film:

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