Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 Minute Hip Hop Dance Mix Workout

Tonight I wanted to do a lighter workout, so I brought out an old hilarious workout DVD that I had gotten a few years ago.  Trying to get Mychal to do it with me was pretty hilarious.  About halfway through the second workout he completely quit on me and said that it was just too girly for him to do haha.  This is a part of a line of 10 minute solution workout videos. 

The best way that I can describe this workout is: White girl Cheerleader Hip Hop Aerobics. 

This DVD features 5 10 minute workouts. 

Hip Hop Basics: This was designed to focus on your core, but the moves are more simplistic than the rest of the DVD, she throws you into the entire workout fairly quickly.

Fat Burning Funk: This uses "stylized and funky" dance move to amplify fat burning. 

Edgy Grooves: Designed to slim your body.  There are a lot more complicated moves in this workout and you may want to have at least a little bit of coordination to do this one.

Body Re-Mix: Hot moves to help you dance your way to a better body.  I think this one is pretty fun

Cardio Street Heat: Uses more "beat boy" inspired moves and ups the difficulty of the coordination in tying together all of the moves.  It will leave you laughing and having a good time though.

The workouts are done by Kristen Jacobs who is a National Exercise and Strength Training Association Certified person trainer.  She has spent more than 20 years in dance.  She has a perky Cheerleader vibe in her directions and precise movements. 

My overall recommendation on this workout is that each 10 minute segment feels like you are trying to cram a lot into the time.  The 10 minutes really do rush by however and you don't feel like you have worked out for that long.  It does leave you feeling like you could have had more time to workout.  Overall the moves can be effective but I feel like you need to be doing them for longer.  It is very dancing but definitely has a Cheerleader feel in a lot of the arm movements and especially on Cardio Street Heat.  I was dying laughing at the "Jiggy Jiggy" move when she has an arm throw movement that was reminiscent of Popeye the Sailor Man.  I always ended up laughing so hard at the though that I had to catch back up to where we were.  I felt that although time flies by while having fun, you definitely don't get an intense workout targeting any specific body parts.  It IS an effective cardio workout however, and if you are wanting to workout for a lighter day it is a great pick.  My favorite thing about this workout is the ability to Create a custom workout for yourself by selecting any or all of the workouts in whatever order you prefer and even multiple times.  I wish that more videos would do this, because you can change it up and set it for 10 minute increments to fit in to whatever time schedule you are dealing with.  Don't discount this one, it still has it's uses. 

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