Sunday, August 25, 2013

In Need

I would like to share another throwback poem since I haven't done that in awhile.  This one is from March of 2001.  I wrote a lot of poetry around this time...  Enjoy

It's for you my heart yearns
Don't deprive me your love
Fire inside me burns
Away flies the white dove
Does love come and go
Has it decided to stay
How do I show 
What I'm feeling today
Words cannot grasp
My emotions inside
Feelings growing so fast
Taking me for a ride
Will you catch me if I fall
I'd reach out for you
Do you even care at all
My love is so true
To you, I'll never lie
I know you'd be mad
And I'd rather die
Than see you sad
I let out my pleas
I see you smile
Timeless ease
I'll have you for awhile
Amazing spark in your eyes
As I wish on a star
Looking tot he skies
In my heart you aren't far
Please listen to my words
They represent me
Carrying my heart like a bird
Together forever we can be
Don't refuse me now
I don't know what I'd do
Love reached down a bough
Now I hear a dove's coo
For you I'll always be there
You reach me even in my dreams
For you I will always care
Love can be gentle and serene
Hold me tonight
I need you near me
Did the love bug bite
Setting my heart free
It has chosen you
And I don't mind
I promise to be true
In your eyes, Love I find
I'm giving you me
Forever to stay
Together we can be free
If you'll hear what I say

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