Friday, August 9, 2013

Restaurants that Ban Kids

Do you think that kids should be banned at restaurants?  In the latest news of a restaurant doing just that, they set a curfew on kids under the age of 8 years old.  After 7 pm you cannot have any kids under 8 at the restaurant.  This brings many questions to mind, such as if there is a child in the restaurant that arrived before 7 will they be forced to leave in the middle of their meal?  If they anticipate that the family with the child will not be able to finish their meal by 7 (as in showing up at 640 or 650) will they be refused service?  Why was 7 pm chosen as the curfew time.  This seems quite early to me.  Although my son is in bed by 8 I think that 8 pm would be a much better curfew time.  What about those families that are like most Americans and work until 5 pm, have a commute home of let's say a half an hour.  Have to pick up their kids and get ready to go have dinner now, it is close to 6 or 630 or even coming up on 7 pm.  They give up on the thought of having time to prepare dinner and decide to go out and have a nice family dinner together.  Now they are refused service due to a 7 pm curfew???  Luckily this is not a trend picking up at most restaurants, and is only in a couple of restaurants here and there. 

I CAN see the other side as well.  Not having had a child in my early 20s I did get annoyed at unruly children in restaurants (AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE MOVIE THEATER).  I do not think that it is all children that are unruly, some have bad days.  If your child is unruly just be courteous to others and get your food to go.  I have done this myself when my son has decided that he has had enough of a restaurant and it's time to go.  I refuse to be that person with the crying/screaming child.  I go with the 5 minute rule, if I cannot get my son to calm down with a walk to the bathroom or whatever method comes to mind at the time within 5 minutes it's time to go and not to ruin other people's meals.  I also will NOT take my son to the theater when I know that he can't sit still through a movie or be quiet through one either.

For the full story on the 7 pm curfew at the Houston restaurant La Fisheria go to La Fisheria Curfew

There is another restaurant in Virginia which is a Suishi restaurant and is only for people 18 and up,  Now as I assume that this is an alcohol serving establishment, this seems fine to me and I would welcome this for a night out without my son or in the days before motherhood. 

Suishi Bar bans people under 18

Any thoughts or comments?

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