Sunday, August 18, 2013

Small Soldiers Throwback Movie Review

This evening Liam watched Small Soldiers for the first time.  I used to love that movie growing up.  I couldn't believe that it had come out in 1998.  Although it may be considered somewhat violent in terms of today's kids movies, it was definitely a beefed up version of Toy Story if they were given computer microchips that allowed them to "learn" and have "actual intelligence" as opposed to Artificial Intelligence.  The concept in and of itself is both awesome and scary.  Unfortunately when there is that type of capability someone will always end up using it for their own selfish needs.  In this case the "actual intelligence" was not intentionally used for harm, but was used more in an ignorant sense of not knowing what the toy designer was getting himself into and programming the software of the toys to be at war with one another.  I did find it interesting that the Gorgonites were programmed to know that they were supposed to lose. 

In case you have never had the pleasure of watching Small Soldiers let me give you the synopsis.
It is advertised as an adult action/sci-Fi comedy movie, which I definitely think it was aimed at an older audience.  However the main character Alan Abernathy is a 15 year old boy, whose love interest and neighbor is none other than Kirsten Dunst.   A large technological company buys out a toy company and the head of Globotech (the technological company played by Denis Leary) and wants them to create toys that "play back."  This leads to a microchip being implanted in the toys that was originally designed for military grade missiles.  Alan Abernathy (our main character) played by Gregory Smith (also played in the Patriot) signs for a shipment of the toys behind his father's back and opens them up before they are supposed to hit shelves.  This causes the toys chips to activate where they start going off of their own pre-programmed agenda and learning new things along the way.  Alan ends up taking the emissary of the Gorgonites named Archer home with him who is fromt he monster race programmed to lose to the Commando Elites run by Chip Hazard (voice by Tommy Lee Jones).  The elite commando squad are brutal and take no prisoners, they are out for total destruction of all Gorgonites and anyone who harbors them which turns into humans being attacked by the toys.   I honestly find it to be somewhere in between Toy Story and Chucky.  Although definitely not a horror story, so closer tot he Toy Story. 

Another excellent highlight to this movie was the spectacular soundtrack.  It had a blend of classic rock and hip hop.  I remember purchasing it when it came out!  Lots of great hip hop remixes to already awesome songs.  

The soundtrack was comprised of 10 songs to include
  1. "War" (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony with Henry Rollins, Tom Morello and Flea)
  2. "Another One Bites the Dust" (Queen, Wyclef Jean, Pras, Free & Canibus)
  3. "The Stroke" (Billy Squier & Dallas Austin)
  4. "Love Is a Battlefield" (Pat Benatar, Queen Latifah & DJ Kay Gee)
  5. "Rock and Roll (Part 2)" (Gary Glitter & Dutch)
  6. "Love Removal Machine" (The Cult & Mickey Petralia)
  7. "My City Was Gone" (The Pretenders, Kool Keith & Butcher Brothers)
  8. "Surrender" (Cheap Trick & Rich Costey)
  9. "Tom Sawyer" (Rush & DJ Z-Trip)
  10. "War" (Edwin Starr)
 Links will take you to the Wikipedia site for each artist or song.

*Interesting fun fact: At one point in the movie a group of Gwendy dolls (think Barbie) are taken over by the Commando Elite and given intelligence to be able to fight on their side.  These dolls are all voiced by Christina Ricci & Sarah Michelle Geller. 

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