Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stranger In Their House....

Celebrity Trespassers

There have been many stories throughout the news about celebrity burglaries.  I honestly feel bad for them and totally understand the amount of money spent on security.  It would be a complete violation to have your house broken into.  You would never feel safe in your own home again.  Here are a few stories in which the burglars or trespassers were actually caught by the celebrities whose houses their infiltrated. 

First let's talk about Nicholas Cage and his interesting ordeal in 2011.  While in bed with his wife he awoke to a man wearing his leather jacket and eating a fudgesicle in front of his bed.  Did I mention that the leather jacket was ALL that he man was wearing (unless he dripped some fudgesicle on himself haha).  Apparently Nicholas Cage was able to talk the man out of the house and did nto press charges when the police arrived.  The man that broke into his house was reportedly mentally ill, but as I was saying before, Nicholas Cage reportedly did not feel safe in that home afterwards.  This may or may not have been helpful for his role in the movie "Trespass."  You can view the full article here: Nicholas Cage Trespasser

Next we come to a trespasser in Moby's home.  In 2011 he woke up and went out into his living room to a stranger standing next to his couch.  Apparently the man was tripping on acid and decided to stop by Moby's house.  Moby reportedly did not lock his doors at the time, making it easy to get inside.  The nice guy that Moby is, he did not press charges, just gave the man a sweatshirt and some money for breakfast and sent him on his way.  Moby wrote about this incident himself on his blog that can be found by following this link: Moby's Stranger in his house

Next we come to a little different kind of trespasser.  The Jason Priestly fan kind...  can you see where this might be going?  In January of this year Jason Priestly had to come home due to an alarm being set off.  Although the cops were already on the scene he got graced with the trespassing presence of a superfan who refused to leave.  She was reportedly in Priestly's bed wearing a pair of his Calvin Klein undies.  Although he didn't find her while he was in the house, I still thought this was worthy of mentioning.  You can read the story at: Jason Priestly's superfan

Lastly we come to my all-time favorite dumb criminal breaking into a celebrity's house.  Whoever this person was must have not known anything at all about LL Cool J (Todd Smith) or never seen a photograph of him to even think that this would be worth an attempt.  Last year a 56 year old man reportedly broke into LL Cool J's house and ran into him.  His reward for his efforts were a broken nose, jaw, and ribs.  The family was sleeping when the silent alarm was triggered immediately waking LL Cool J who took care of the problem himself.  After giving the man what he deserved he held him until the police arrived.  Must have been a desperate attempt, as this attempted burglar was charged as a 3rd striker.  You can read the full story at LL Cool J Burglar

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