Thursday, September 5, 2013

Technology for Your Pet Part 1

Tonight I want to share with you some of the technology that is out there for your pets.   Unfortunately most of the gadgets that I came across were more geared towards owners of dogs and cats, but some of these items could easily be used with other more exotic pets.

Sony currently has a cat Twitter collar, which will automatically tweet about 11 different things to a cat's twitter page based on their action with the device attached to their collar.   It is equipped with a camera, an acceleration tacker and a gps device.  However, this device looks quite bulky and I can't imagine the majority of cats allowing it to stay attached to them all for sending a tweet.  It can send messages such as "This tastes good" when the cat is eating or licking something.

No need to be jealous if you are a dog owner because there is also a device called Puppy Tweets.  The puppy tweets collar analyzes your dogs movement and sends one of over 500 pre-generated messages to their twitter account (this make sony left WAY behind with only 11 statuses embedded for the cats).  This device is made by Mattel and can be purchased on Amazon for under 10.  You can get it in blue or pink.

Then of course there is Tagg the pet tracking device.  This sends you e-mails and texts about where you dog is at all times and if it has traveled out of the designated area that you can specify, this can be great if your pet gets lost as it is a GPS enabled device.  It will cost you about 100 and then the service is about $8 a month after the trial period has ended.  For that price it also comes with proactive health monitoring services, such as the ability to attack the short term and long term activity levels of your dog.  Due to it's size it is only intended for dogs over 10 pounds.  The device easily attaches to your dog's collar. 

Now we come to what seems to me to be a horrid invention.  It is a washing machine for your dog or pet.  You select a wash cycle put your pet into it and then sit back while your animal is cleaned for the next 30 minutes and they can't escape.  It is advertised as being humane, but I just couldn't bring myself to put any pet into their myself.  It horrifies me.  It was designed in France and is advertised as a car wash for your dog. 

Now this is an awesome thing!  I want one for myself.  It is a spectacular hammock that hangs under a stylish coffee table.  My biggest complain is the outrageous price tag at $2,400.  This must be one of those things for rich old cat ladies :)

Now I think this is a wonderful device created by a teenager.  It was designed with dogs in mind (mostly because they will come when called) as opposed to cats who may or may not ever show up when you call.  It is a video chat screen that stands up so that you can video chat with your dog and then you can also remotely dispense a treat to them for coming over and talking with you.  What an excellent device if you have to be away from your pet so that you can check on them and see that they are ok.  However if you have a hyperactive dog I could see them knocking the device over and ruining the point.  Although not currently released, it is an awesome plan, I just wonder if you can dispense more than one treat, as in give them another treat at a later time.  Wonderful idea however! 

In case you couldn't tell by the title, these devices were created to help translate your animals speech so that you can better understand them.  The Bowlingual is an actual device which runs for about $222, whereas the meowlingual is currently just an app that you can get on your phone.  The bowlingual is advertised as being able to work with over 50 dog breeds and 6 mix breeds.  IT can store up translations for up to 30 days.  However the major downside is that it was created in Japan and currently only translates into Japanese so then you would need to translate the Japanese.  The meowlingual app is a little more helpful in that it translates into English. 

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