Monday, September 9, 2013

Was it REALLY Worth It?

In this blog I would like to share my comments on some stories of people who killed or attempted to kill other people over some of the dumbest stuff.  Please feel free to comment.

First we are going to talk about a mother who stabbed her 17-year old son to death in a dispute involving ice cream.  Really?  Ice Cream?  You would rather kill your own son for some ice cream?  How did you manage to not kill him for the previous 16 years?  How is there not something to be done to save kids from situations like this?  I have to say that at least the mother only stabbed her son one time as opposed to multiple times.  However, it only took one stab wound to the chest to lead to her son's death.  The mother Robin Erwin did at least call 911, except that her initial claim was that her son had walked into a knife..  No one ever said which kind or flavor of ice cream lead to the death....  Apparently the police also seized 130 grams of marijuana as well.  Guess the munchies took over in this case.
Mom Stabbed Son Over Ice Cream

In an eye gouging case we visit Xulam Holman who REALLY REALLY wanted the remote control.  So badly in fact, that it caused him to gouge out his uncle's eyes.  This wasn't even about fighting about what was on tv.  Holman apparently used his thumbs to gouge out his uncle's eyes because the remote control was merely missing.  This event took place on New year's Eve after Holman had already pushed his elderly uncle down the stairs.  Holman's uncle reportedly lost one eye and has limited vision in the other as a result of the attack.  Holman was sentenced to 14 years.  Wouldn't it just have been easier to get up off your lazy butt and change the channel???
Eye Gouging Scuffle

In case ice cream wasn't enough, we had a 13 year old girl who killed her grandmother's husband over milk.  Granted the guy seemed like a real asshole.  Labrina Brown and her grandmother's husband did not seem to get along very well.  She had reportedly pulled a knife on him several times previously.  On the morning of the killing, Labrina had poured herself a bowl of cereal and asked her grandmother's husband for the milk.  He decided it was a better idea to pour a glass for the baby and then pour the remainder of the milk down the sink so that Labrina couldn't have any of it.  Anyone who has ever poured themselves a bowl of cereal and then realized that they were out of milk, know the anger and frustration that this can lead to.  However I don't know that I have ever actually wanted to kill anyone because of it.  She readily admitted to police what she had done and showed no remorse. 
Killing for Milk

Have you ever had a concert that you just HAD to go to?  For 39-year old Robert Lyons this was an Avril Lavigne concert.  And he wanted his mother to arrange sky box tickets for him.  When she didn't do so he became enraged and hit her with a champagne bottle twice. After which he stabbed her 9 times.  If that wasn't enough he doused her body in household cleaners and insecticides.  Afterwards he went to a local Hooter's restaurant where he was apprehended by police.  Lyons apparently suffered from bipolar disorder.  I guess Avril was more important than his mother's life. 
Avril Lavigne worth killing for

We end the night with another tv related murder.  Clarence Newcomb killed his grandmother over what to watch on tv.  Clarence apparently strangled his grandmother over what to watch on tv.  The show in question was never specified, but it seems like Clarence was  very ungrateful grandson that was 25 and being supported by his grandmother.  His friends reported that he showed up at their house confused and carrying a baseball bat.  He has admitted to killing his grandmother after the altercation. 
Grandmother killed over a tv show


  1. You'll never understand the mind of crazy people. That's why they're crazy. They don't operate by logic.


    1. I think everyone has moments of temporary crazy in their life.. Sometimes it stays and sometimes it goes. Hopefully no one dies during these moments.... Some of us have more restraint than others