Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Third Birthday

Today marks the end of the first three years that Liam and I have spent together as a family.  Never in my life have I known such love and been so thankful as I have in the past three years.  I never knew what life was all about until I look into his eyes, heard his first heart beat, felt his first kick, saw his first smile, heard his first laugh.  Just when you think that there is no possible way that you could EVER love someone anymore than you already do, he finds a way to blow past the barriers of your heart and make it even bigger and even fuller.  I have been so blessed to be chosen as his mother in this lifetime.  There is absolutely no accident that him and I were paired with one another.  I do my best to teach him every day but instead end up learning more than I could ever teach.  I Strive to be the best mother that I can be and live up to the daunting task of giving him the life, teachings, love, happiness that he deserves.  I only hope that he can look back and know that I have tried my best on good days and bad days.  That each time I saw his smile my heart burst with love, and felt his little arms around my neck and his kiss upon my cheek.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing being in my life.  I can't wait to spend many more years to come together.  I love you so much my little Liam, and I hope that you know your worth in life and how many people love you.  Happy Birthday to my number one man, Liam.    Three birthday parties for his third year :) 

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