Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Did It: A List of Accomplishments to be Proud of

As my son is learning to take pride in his accomplishments he seems to have come up with some pretty great things that make him feel such pride.  I decided to write a list of a few of the greatest things he has claimed credit for and felt much pride in. 

1. The sun coming up.  Liam exclaimed for an entire weekend repeatedly that he made the sun come up.  When it was dark he had turned on a light switch out side, a few hours later when the sun was coming up he jumped around excitedly proclaiming "I did it!"  When asked what it was that he did, he told me that the sun was on and he did it.  He still says it now and again.  I blame Rock-A-Doodle.

2. Getting everyone to go into the store when no one wanted to.  Yesterday, we had gone shopping at hastings and so today we decided just to go through the drive-thru to get some coffee and go on with the rest of our day.  Instead Liam waited until we were in the drive thru line and about to make our order to convince everyone of his urgent need to urinate.  We finally obliged to go inside and order so that he could use the bathroom.  As I parked the car and we were starting to get out.  He again exclaimed "I did it"  He was so overjoyed by this fact and getting to go inside and look at toys...  Also he totally did not have to go potty at all.

3. Making the oven timer go off.  It does not matter what I am cooking or when, any time that the oven timer goes off Liam excitedly bounces around the house exclaiming "I Did It" and then I have to race to the oven to try to open it before he burns himself with the heat blast of first opening the oven.

4.  This also goes for the microwave timer.  Liam can hear the microwave timer from any room and will coming running in claiming "I Did It"

5. Finishing Reading a Book.  Although this is truly an accomplishment when he is the one reading, he also takes credit for pointing to things in books and making someone else read. 

6.  Plugging anything in, especially if it can be turned on after wards.  This goes double for enabling him to turn on the vacuum or see the lights on the Christmas tree. 

7.  Sirens going by the house.  If he can hear it, he somehow had something to do with it.  Running joyously to the window and watching for the firetruck/ambulance/police car exclaiming "I Did It!"  as mommy I hope that he never does "it" that would require any of these sirens to have reason to actually come to our house.

8. Other people's Christmas lights.  When they are on in the morning on our drive to school he takes credit for any that are deemed pretty and also one of those blow up Santas. 

9.  Anything remotely movie related in which he has directed you to do something.  Such as picking a show to watch that you may have tried to talk him out of.  Selecting an episode on a movie.  Ejecting the movie that you selected and tried to convince him to watch and replacing it with the exact same movie he has forced you to watch 10 times in a row in the last few days.  Pushing the eject button on the DVD player to ensure that whatever song you were listening to and especially jamming out to on Pandora will instantly cease for another episode that you just watched.  All of these actions will result in a gleeful "I did it!"

10.  Pooping....  No matter who has pooped.  Liam will share some responsibility if someone else pooped, but somehow take full credit if the cat or the dog pooped.  I am too afraid to really analyze how he has done this, so I find it best not to argue with him about it. 

To Be Continued.....

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