Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Liam and I finally got around to watching Megamind today.  I know I know, I am WAY behind the times again.  I have to say that it was pretty good.  Not eh best Pixar movie ever.  There was a lot of jumping around going on.  It wasn't bad though and definitely worth watching if you have never seen it before.  It lost Liam's attention after about 45 minutes and he wasn't interested in it much the rest of the way through.  I did watch it to the end to get the full story and it did have a good ending.  I think my expectations were too high because of what I had heard other people say about the movie. 

Megamind is about a super-villain that was basically pushedamerican pretty boy looking Metro Man the hero.  Megamind is supposed to be "super intelligent" but he didn't seem to have any real original ideas and was considered a joke by the people.  He ends up finally getting a plan to work that kills Metro Man.  Now he can take over Metro City and he grows bored without anyone to fight. So he goes about creating a new super hero with which to fight.  The first half of the story lacked much originality but then it did develop into a better story for me.  For a child, it could be hard to track the frequency with which Megamind is changing what his appearance and demeanor is when pretending to be other people.  

into the villain lifestyle due to life circumstance while his nemesis is all-

There are a lot of great people behind the voices with Megamind being voiced by Will Farrell.  The love interest reporter Roxanne is voiced by Tina Fey.  Metro Man is voiced by Brad Pitt.  You will also find Jonah Hill, David Cross, and Ben Stiller.   I did like the fact that Megamind liked 80s rock to fight to haha.

Ben Stiller was originally cast as Megamind and then Robert Downey, Jr.  However there were scheduling conflicts and ultimately the role went to Will Farrell who I think did a good job with the character.

Overall I give this movie a 3.5/5 stars because it could have been a LOT funnier which such an all-star comedic cast.  

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