Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pregnancy Facts

I got asked to share some facts about my pregnancy this evening and it really got me to thinking.  I wanted to share the ones I did already share and add to it, in honor of Liam's 3rd birthday party being today and thinking about how far we have come as a family in all of that time.  Taking me back to before he was born.  Enjoy!  I would love to hear your pregnancy facts if you don't mind sharing.

6 and a half months pregnant
1. I didn't find out I was pregnant until my 16th week
2. I found out I was having a boy 3 days after finding out I was pregnant
3. I knew immediately upon finding out that I was going to be a single mom
4. I had to go to work after this shocking revelation and was crying at work so much because I thought that there was no way that I would be able to do this
5.  I never thought that I would ever have kids
6.  Less than a week before I found out I was pregnant I told my grandma all that she would ever get from me were grandbabies
7.  I never had morning sickness
8.  I didn't start showing until I was almost 7 months along
9. I used to freak out about sleeping on my back so badly and cutting off Liam's air that I would be afraid to fall asleep
10.  When I would fall asleep I would sometimes wake up on my back and lay away all night on my side afraid that I was going to hurt him.
11. I got asthmatic bronchitis so bad when I was almost 9 months pregnant that I had to be rushed to the emergency room when I was unable to breathe
12. the next week after going to the ER I was unable to breath again but instead went to the medicenter.  The doctor told me that if I would have waited another hour or more to be seen that I probably would have stopped breathing completely and would have died.
13. I was so happy that Liam was a boy and not a girl because I was worried about my complete inability to do a little girl's hair haha
14. No one in my office believed me that my baby was going to be mixed
15.  Due to the movies Due Date and Get Him to the Greek, Liam was dubbed zebra baby and I used to be serenaded and sing along to There's an African Child Inside Me"
16. I have never felt so alone and so sad in my life as when I was pregnant and had no family near me.
17.  I moved when I was 8 an a half months pregnant, it was awful
18. Liam was almost born 2 weeks early due to a low birth weight and my fluid levels dropping dramatically (most likely caused to the treatment I had to undergo for the bronchitis)
19. In the last week before Liam was born my doctor went back and forth at least twice a day about whether or not I was going to be having a C-Section or a natural birth.  He ended up being a preemie born 2 weeks early.
20. I never knew what love was until the moment I realized that I really was going to be a mother and many months before Liam was brought into this world.
21. I went through a lot of names before I made a choice, but the final four were Orion, Nyx, Connor and Liam.  My mom hated the name Nyx and kept telling me it sounded dark.  I went to high school with someone named Connor and ended up vetoing it because I wasn't no predisposition on the name of my son.  I was fairly sure that I was going to go with Orion instead of Liam until the last few weeks, when Liam seemed to be the chosen name.
22.  During my pregnancy I swear they played 80% of commercials about pregnant women and their significant other out doing things for them.  I used to cry hysterically in realization about how completely alone I was in this and that I didn't even have someone to go to the store and buy me some m&ms.  (The stupid M&M one played constantly with the guy asking if she wanted something sweet or salty when they were pushing for the pretzel m&ms, it made me cry every time)
23.  In the beginning of my pregnancy I was called a lot and yelled at for ruining someone's life and for choosing to not have an abortion. 
24.  I was very happy that I was having a boy, even though my first thought was that I wanted a girl.
25. I was really worried that there would be something wrong with Liam, since I didn't know I was pregnant for so long and had consumed alcohol.  I had a lot of tests done to check for all kinds of abnormalities.  Luckily all of them came back negative.
26.  I fount out I was pregnant by going to get an IUD put in and they make you do a pregnancy test just in case and it came back positive.  At that point I thought that I was at most 5 or 6 weeks along.
27.  An ultrasound came back showing I was 16 weeks pregnant.  I was crying so much and in such shock that the nurses and doctor felt so bad for me that they didn't charge me for my visit.
28.   I didn't have any craving for foods that I didn't already eat but I did need to eat ice cream at least once a day most days more.  My freezer used to be so stocked with about 10 flavors a time at all times.
29.  I had an aversion to citrus, if I drank or ate too many high citric foods I would get horrible heart burn.
30.  I had never had heart burn in my life and was at work on night shift the first time that I was overcome with heartburn.  I felt such an intense pain that I called my mom and asked her what it would feel like if I was having a stroke haha.
31.  I don't get heart burn since, but I do start to feel sick if I have too much citrus even after my pregnancy.
32.  I could NOT sleep on my side.  I tried every freakin' body pillow I could find and they just made it worse.  I had horrible sleep for my entire third trimester.
33. I was so worried about getting stretch marks that I did intensive research into how to avoid them and ended up going with coconut oil that I would rub extensively on my belly 3 times a day.  I did get stretch marks but not anywhere that I had put the coconut oil. 
34. I would even cry at movies like Knocked Up because even though the movie was jacked up and supposed to be a comedy, the child's father wanted to be a part of the baby's life and made an effort.
35.  I would drive to work and hear a song that would make me revel in how much I already loved Liam and would end up crying with absolutely no understanding as to how he could have a father that didn't love him in the same way.
36.  I would also be immensely sad about the fact that I would have to explain to Liam why there was just me one day.  However, given my own situation I felt that it was no accident and that I would be well equipped to relate in many ways to it.  I kept hoping that I would find someone who could become his father and be a good male role model for him before he reached the age of caring and feeling animosity otherwise...
37. I thought that when I found out that Liam was a boy that I would have to fight to have him take my last name and was pleasantly surprised when the other party had no desire to give him his own last name.  Given my experience with men wanting to carry on their line and family name. 
38.  At the end of my pregnancy I only weighed about 26 or 27 pounds more than when I first found out.
39.  I always had to wear an orange medical bracelet to every doctor's appointment and every nurse in labor and delivery knew me as the anesthesia girl due to my malignant hyperthermia and inability to take many local anesthetics. 
40.  Before my final week I went in to a doctor's appointment and was 3 weeks out from Liam's due date when there was a scare and they almost made me go emergency C-Section.  I remember that my last meal I was going to have at that point was a Burger Barn burger and fries haha.  My mother was frantically doing what she could to make sure that she would be in the delivery room with me.
41.  I attempted to sign up for 4 different birthing classes when I was told by each one in their own way that without a partner I was not welcome and would make other people in the classes uncomfortable, as they were really only designed to have both parties or a birthing partner present in order to attend. 
42.  I didn't attend a single birthing class and read numerous things online and purchased many books because I had no idea what the heck I was doing.  Thinking I was never going to have kids in life I was completely clueless about birth and very scared haha. 
43.  I went for a walk with Kiri at least 6 times a week and tried to cherish each moment as the last that we would have together with her as my one and only.
44.  I did Hip Hop Abs (low impact only) during my entire pregnancy and had awesome obliques up until the end.
45. In my cluelessness I had no idea how maternity leave worked and thought that I would get to take time off before the baby was born to prepare and was rudely awakened when I found out that I was meant to work up until the last moment
46.  I remember feeling Liam kick and think about how awesome it was and immediately crying because I had no one to share it with.
47.  So many guys told me during my pregnancy that they wished it was their baby that I was somewhat freaked out.  When I was being told how they would handle things and how they wished they had gotten me pregnant to be in my life forever...  I finally resolved to take it as an interesting compliment.
48.  I was constantly being told by people (especially at work) what I could not do now that i was pregnant.  The number one thing I was told was that I should not wear heels and that I wasn't allowed.  I wore my heels up until the last day (My doctor has absolutely no problem with it as long as it was not uncomfortable to me)
49.  I never knew how many people would interject themselves into my life and tell me what to do with mine until I got pregnant.  So many people that I didn't even know without ever being asked would tell me their own helpful tidbits about life and parenthood.

50.  When I found out I was having a boy my first concern was that I wouldn't know how to teach him to pee standing up and that I would fail as a mother....  although Liam is potty trained now, we are still working on perfecting this skill.  

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