Monday, August 3, 2015

Drucker & Me

Drucker & Me is written by Bob Buford and is written in autobiographical form about Bob Buford and the business/life coach Peter Drucker.

This book was an interesting read for me.  The first half of the book felt like a really intimate look at the relationship between Peter Drucker and Bob Buford.  It was a very enlightening read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I kind of wish the book would have stopped about halfway through.

The second half of the book had trouble holding my interest.  The tone of the book shifted more into Bob Buford himself after the death of Peter Drucker and building up his religious empire.   It got a little religiously pushy and boring to read for me personally, but I’m not a huge religious book reader in general.

The half of the book that deals with Peter Drucker was more than worth reading the book for.  Peter Drucker sounds like he was just an amazing man.  The way that Bob Buford was able to capture their relationship was very eye-opening to read.  I felt blessed to be given such an intimate look at some of the personal advice that Bob was given.  It was almost as if reading this relationship through the pages was being touched by Peter himself.  Of course this description probably fits into who Peter was as a person.  I honestly felt a twinge of sadness at the loss of a man I had never even met.  It felt like a travesty that the world would be deprived of someone so large-minded and inspiring.  I know that I will definitely be looking into more of Peter Drucker’s later writings to try to connect with him and learn from him even after his life.

I give this book 4/5 stars.  I wish it was merely a part one because it would be 6/5 stars for the wealth of knowledge that has been shared with this look into Peter Drucker, eloquently told by Bob Buford.  However the second half of the book took away from this message so much for me, that it was almost blasphemous for the first half.  Unless you are interested in megachurches and a lot of self-touting, I suggest stopping after part one.  If you are interested in autobiographies, biographies, mentorship, non-fiction, advice, etc. I highly suggest checking out this book.

*I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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