Friday, September 11, 2015

How Should We Live:?

I believe that we should live in a way that we can live with ourselves knowing about and claim responsibility for all accomplishments and mistakes alike.  We should learn and grow from our mistakes and problems instead of running or hiding from them.  We should become stronger due to adversity; use it as a stepping stone to greatness.  We should treat every being humanely.  The color of one’s skin should merely be a feature, such as red hair or brown eyes or freckles, but not a label to treat them lesser or greater than anyone else.  We should treat people, animals, and the earth with kindness.  We should show respect to others for believing or thinking differently and learn from their views to help further solidify our own beliefs.  We should not push what we believe onto others oppressively, but rather share and invite what we think and feel and have to say in an open and comforting discussion environment.  We should push each other to be their best version of themselves, and help lift up any who have fallen along their journey.  We should each contribute and pull our own weight whenever physically/mentally possible.  We should give up on growing weeds (grass) for show and instead grow crops and vegetable/fruit/herb gardens.  We should eat more fresh food and stop reliance on medicine as a first defense.  We should live the way that we would be proud to see our life play out for the world at the end of our lives, to be left without regrets, and a wealth of knowledge from all of the experiences, good and bad. 

I do not believe that we can be completely free of conflict, nor do I think we should be.  Without conflict there is no growth.  My proposal of a way that we could live is plausible, but not something that would happen overnight.  Small mindedness and fear/anger unto others would need to be rectified. 

Question: Why does fear drive many people to respond in a negative manner?  At what point does fear become anger?

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