Sunday, August 4, 2013

Insanity Plyometrics Review

This evening I finally broke down and tried out Insanity.  I decided to do the first workout DVD which was the Plyometrics cardio circuit workout.  I am not a fan of intense workouts but I wanted to give it a try.  The DVD first starts out with a pretty fast paced warm up.  I was already feeling it in my calves before the warm up portion was even over.  The disc then goes into a stretching before the circuit begins using a lot of yoga based stretches.  The circuit starts out at about a jog pace and begins to speed up immensely right away.  After each circuit (about 5 minutes to get through the circuit) and then there is aw ater break.  It is a definite good exercise, and I can admit that I didn't make it through the entire 40 minutes.  I stopped at about the 25 minute mark.  I didn't want to be unable to walk tomorrow or in too much pain to ever do the workout again.  I can definitely see that it works and is a good workout if you are serious about getting into shape and losing weight.  It gets you sweating and working out you entire body.  I will have to check out some of the other discs and let you know what my take is on it.  So far I am already sore and will be hating life in the morning.  If you are serious about getting into shape I would definitely check this out.  It usually runs for a bit more than $100 but Amazon is selling used copies starting at $44.

 Here is a preview of what you are in for :)

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  1. impressive, 25 mins on the 1st day, I would probably pass out after the warm-up

  2. Thanks Roy! I was feeling really sore and ready to quit just after the first 5 minutes but the stretching section helps loosen your muscles and make you ready for more. I gotta say that my calves were hurting the worst on the juping jacks haha.