Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Panda Love!

Pandas!  Some of the cutest creatures on the planet.  I have always loved their black and white color and their huge huggable look.  Their love for bamboo.  How amazing their babies that they are so tiny when they are born and grow so quickly.  Not only are pandas adorable, but they can also be hilarious.  Here are some of my favorite funny things that are associated with Pandas!  Enjoy!

First I want to start you off with the hilarious foreign commercial for panda cheese.  Affectionately titled "Never Say No to Panda"  I have watched this one many times throughout the last few years, and it is still great!  My favorite part is the last one :)

Of course we can't talk about pandas without my mind going to South Park's Sexual Harassment Panda.  In case you haven't had the pleasure of seeing him before, here is his introductory song and dance.   
*This video is on loop for 10 minutes, the actual song is only about 30 seconds, but was the only good quality copy I could find.

More of sexual harassment, and something I still say all the time.  "That makes me a sad panda."  Here is a short clip of some of it, please excuse the poor quality.

Of course this couldn't be about pandas without some of their adorable tendencies, here are some pandas playing on a chair swing and a slide.

I couldn't talk about the cuteness of pandas if I left out the adorable baby panda sneeze :)

Here is an adorable video of a momma and baby panda playing :)

Of course this blog wouldn't be complete without the panda cam!  It is great to be able to watch the momma and the now one month old baby.  It runs 24 hours, feel free to check it out, and don't get too addicted!

National Zoo Panda Cam

A couple of many awesome panda photos

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