Tuesday, September 3, 2013

REVENGE- A Dark Poem

I actually LOVE the dark poetry that I wrote during the early 2000s and wish that I was inspired to write more now in life.  They always turn out so visual to me.  Have a look for yourself. 

Broken in the dead of night
Mourning for the sun to rise
Sobbing in the midst of fright
Too fed up with compromise
Promise of a better day
Broken by each day's light
Needing to go another way
Ready to put up a fight
One can only take so much
Trying desperately to understand
Shuddering from the thought of his touch
Staring at the wall, so bland
I'll love you 'til the day I die
Perhaps that day can be made near
No longer having tears to cry
it will all end hear
Contemplating knife or gun
More pain, or less time
Knowing those that care are none
Ridding the world of his grime
Drifting from one shower to another
Tightly gripping her weapon of choice
He prevented her from becoming a mother
Setting fire to his precious Rolls Royce
Another car drifts into the drive
She hears the engine die
Now he sets foot inside
From the shadows she whispers goodbye
Swiftly lunging out at him
Letting not one second slip by
Not even worth his own name, Jim
She thrusts the knife into his side
Twisting as he yelps in pain
Silent as he pulls it out
Something clicks within his brain
His face turns into a pout
Slicing the air reaching for his throat
His hand grabs out for the knife
Memories of pain caused to her float
Within her mind glimpsing a new life
 He gags while choking on his blood
His body slumps onto the floor
Struggling, she drags him through the mud
Stopping only to open the car door
The car is prepped to be set ablaze
Rolling down the road, erupting flames
Her solemn mood, it does not phase
She could no longer take his games
Happily walking back to the house
Walking the stairs up to her bed
Slowly unbuttoning her blouse
Washing from her hands the red
Laying between the silken sheets
Praying to the starry skies
Finally slowing her heart beats
Peacefully she closes her eyes


  1. Any idea what you were going through at the time? My inspiration usually comes from fluctuations in emotions.
    -Good Fellow Handy Man

    1. I can try to guess, but am not completely sure.

  2. What's your guess?

    1. Had to do with pain for a break up or all the horror movies and books I was in to at that time, maybe both. I don't know exact time frame of any relationships in high school so I can't be sure.