Monday, February 17, 2014

Vote For What I Cook: February Edition

Hello my wonderful readers!  After much success thus far, we are back at the monthly decision of what I should cook!  This decision is based soley on 4 main course and 4 dessert recipes that I choose and then you vote to come to a FINAL decision.  After a week's time I will cook my version of the selected recipe and provide step-by-step instructions along with photos!  You wonderful followers have made this the fun that it has become.  I couldn't do this particular blog without your support and your votes!  To vote just comment your Number and letter choice.  If you are having any issues selecting a profile to comment under, just go ahead and choose the anonymous option and leave your name if you would like. if you follow me on facebook, you can leave me a comment on there or send me a message instead.  Whatever works.  The choice is yours!  Thank you in advance I look forward to seeing what you choose for me to cook this month! 

Main Dishes!

Option 1: Chicken Cordon Bleu
I have always loved chicken Cordon Bleu, but I have never attempted to make it myself, I am intrigued as to how this delicious recipe would turn out in my hands :)

You can view the original recipe here:
Chicken Cordon Bleu

Option 2: Leg of Lamb with Roasted Pear & Pine Nut Relish
I have been wanting to cook something with pears as of late and this sounds delicious.  I love cooking with pine nuts, they are a much underused ingredient! 

You can view the original recipe here:
leg of lamb with roasted pear & pine nut

Option 3: Vegetarian Tortilla Soup
During last month's edition I had a lot of requests for a vegetarian option.  So this is for my veggie lovers, and it sounds delicious! 

Here is the original recipe:
Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

Option 4: Maple Grilled Salmon
This quick and easy recipe, sounds like a winner!  

Here is the original recipe:
Maple Grilled Salmon


Option A: Key Lime Pie
Who doesn't love a delicious Key Lime Pie?  I for one have never made one, and am willing to try!

You can view the original recipe here:
Key Lime Pie

Option B: White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
One of my all-time favorite desserts, somehow I haven't made one for myself yet, that needs to change soon

View the original recipe here:
White chocolate raspberry cheesecake

Option C: Chocolate Cherry Cordial Brownies
Chocolate:Yum Cherry: Yum Brownies: Yum!  How could you go wrong with this recipe?

For the original recipe go to:
Chocolate Cherry Cordial Brownies

Option D: Strawberry Lemonade Cake
This is so fun and interesting and fresh!  Makes you want to bring in the Summer already

View the original recipe here:
Strawberry Lemonade Cake

There you have it!  All of the options are listed for you.  Choose 1 Main Dish & 1 Dessert!  Vote by commenting below!  Here are the links to last month's winners!  Thank you again for your support!

Sauteed Scallops!

Black Forest Pavlova


  1. Replies
    1. Both excellent choices, thank you for being the first to vote!

  2. Option 1 and Option A

  3. Replies
    1. Great choices, I go to bed thinking about C some nights ;)

  4. 1 and B and feel free to mail me some :)

    1. They both look so delicious! Come on over and get some

  5. Wow tough one on tha dessert side!!! Im def with 4 & strugglin between B & D....(drumroll please...) lets go with D since I've never seen it before :) 4D ♛

    1. I was figuring you would go with a brownie choice again ;)

  6. Current Food Tally:
    1 Chicken Cordon Bleu 4 Votes
    2 Leg of Lamb with Roasted Pear 1 Vote
    3 Vegetarian Tortilla Soup 1 Vote
    4 Maple Grilled Salmon 3 Votes
    A Key Lime Pie 2 Votes
    B White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake 2 Votes
    C Chocolate Cherry Cordial Brownies 1 Vote
    D Strawberry Lemonade Cake 5 Votes

  7. Leg of lamb sounds delicious. And would go great with the strawberry lemonade cake.