Saturday, April 26, 2014

Do I Fit Into Modern Day Geek Culture?

I will let you decide:

In my younger, school age years I was always more of an undercover geek playing games like The Sims and Myst tirelessly while very few people knew about it.  As I got older in life and joined the military as an Intelligence Analyst I was able to bring my full “Gamer Geek” persona to the forefront.  I went from feeling like an outcast to finally fitting in with the geek culture all around me.  I was able to immerse myself into even more gaming and different types of gaming, and actually found myself dating guys that I could just hang out and game with for hours on end.  I remember this being the highlight of one dating experience.  I have always been more of a PC gamer, so even when “playing” with friends on consoles we could both just hang out and play single-person games in the same room and still have a great time together.  My laptop went with me everywhere to get in any gaming time that I could.  To this day I still lean towards a laptop over a PC to game from so that I can game from any room in my house and anywhere I go, my laptop can be with me for the maximum amount of gaming time possible.  Once I arrived at my linguistics school to learn Chinese, I found a whole new level of geekdom in the students around me.  As a gamer geek girl, I was celebrated and those who were not geeks were now the outcasts.  I was able to bring many a classmate over to the “darkside” by getting them involved in games that appealed to many different gaming styles such as Dragon Age with the RPG, Action and Simulation type of environment.  I found that by using cross-style games I could appeal to a wider audience and make more friends.  We hosted many gaming parties.  With fewer opportunities to game on my PC, I have definitely found an adequate short –term fix in the app gaming market.  I am able to get in gaming time in the short moments between mommy duties and still be available to be a present and effective parent.   With lifestyle changes I have been able to transform my own personal “geek” self into the ever accommodating market that will help me to be a relevant and effective fit into any geek community.  

I didn't mention cosplay....  but that's a whole different kind of geek...


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