Friday, August 14, 2015

Blonde Moments, Scales and Motivation

I had an extreme blonde moment earlier today.  I have to admit that I have been pretty depressed with my progress in my own personal fitness journey.  In June when I first started with Shakeology and did my first fitness challenge with my coach Jen McConn​ I was at a very low point in my life.  I weighed in for her challenge at 173.  Miraculously in a few short weeks I had gotten down to the low 160s, but there I sat.  I felt that it was WAY too soon to be reaching a plateau, especially when 160s still stood as an overweight place for my height (5'4").  I was trying so hard, being vigilant in my shakeology use, working out more, healthier choices for the most part, but I have been under a lot of life changes and a lot of stress and insane business in my personal life. 

I made it my goal to at least see that 159 on my scale by tomorrow morning.  This was 2 weeks ago and I have been going hard, but instead I was seeing my scale go not down but up!  I was seeing 167 and 168 and starting to lose motivation in my fitness plan.  Then I finally was back down to 164 again, still up from where I had started but finally getting down from being so high.  Yesterday I even weighed myself and was at 163, and thinking I could get close. 

*At this point I want to caveat that scale watching is not effective.  You must take regular body measurements, and don' get focused on the numbers because muscle DOES weigh more than fat.  But I myself succumbed to the ease of wanting to SEE results happening. 

I have been taking periodic pictures and I could see a change in my body, but couldn't figure out how that was not at all translating to weight-loss.  Today around lunch time I was cleaning a closet out and was putting something in the bathroom and absentmindedly stepped on to my scale and had to check it about 5 times.  I even made Liam stand on it because I thought something was wrong.  There before me, my scale actually said 148. 

With all of the stress I have been under and with weighing myself first thing in the morning, I was expecting to see that 160 so when I was actually seeing 150s, I automatically though I wasn't losing when in fact I just can't read.


The take aways from this are that, it is so easy to get lot in the number and forget the reason you started the journey.  My fitness challenge group right now has been the biggest motivator for me.  Running this challenge holds ME accountable to them.  When I can think of a million reasons why I don't have time or I don't want to work out, I think about all of them that are TRYING and how I can't let them down.  About a week ago, I asked them what their motivation to keep going for was when they wanted to quit.  Little did they know I was asking because I was in a very low place for myself.  I had so many responses that the fitness challenge was the motivator for them, and even though it wasn't about just me, it brought tears to my eyes.  I stood taller and the world seemed brighter!  To be able to bring a group of people together and motivate each other!  THIS is exactly the reason I decided to make this journey as a coach.  For YOU, but also for ME too.  Love you guys, thanks for reading even a third of my book long post ;)

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