Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Little Piece

One Little Piece

Brittany L. McCann



It starts out so small

You almost don’t even notice

The change is slight

Invisible on the outside

To pinpoint its cause

Is practically impossible

One day it hits you

There is something gone

But it’s only one little piece

Nothing big or major

An infinitesimal shard

Easy to replace

Will it ever come back?

Knowing not where it’s gone

A tiny morsel is all

The pain starts to shine

A pinpoint of dark

In a place meant for light

The can damage its whole

Merely because of the absence of

One little piece

Will it ever be mended?

This now missing piece

After all its size is miniscule

A microscope can barely glimpse it

And yet without its presence

This one little piece

Can eat away at the whole

Somehow I must find

This one little piece

That has gone missing

Just one little piece

Such a small little piece

Yet still a vital piece

This one little piece

This piece of my heart.

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