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Weird Things For Sale on Amazon Part 3

In case you have missed the previous awesome articles about Weird things for sale on Amazon you can find Part 2 at Weird Things Part 2 and Part 1 at Weird Things Part 1.

Tonight's version of Weird Things for sale is kicked off by a great suggestion from a friend with her asking me to look up a Shewee....  Now this product is a great starter, but I decided to use a similar product the "Go Girl" since it seems to be more versatile and have more add-ons.  In case you are like me and had NO idea what a shewee was, let me introduce you to the Go Girl. 

Go Girl Female Urination Device
In case that title didn't give you enough details, This urination device is able to be worn around your neck on a lanyard.  It comes with baggies and wipes.  The product description isn't overly detailed, I
guess the assumption was made that the title should really tell you all that you need to know.  So let's head to a few reviews to see what people had to say about this product. 

Top Reviews:
"I peed standing up; three times! Let me explain. I go hiking and off-roading frequently and there is always the issue of having to find a secluded place off the trail where I can drop trou and pee. It gets really annoying; not to mention the danger to my naughty bits (poison oak, ivy, spiders and mosquitos). There is the added awesomeness of not having to squat over a nasty public toilet for those of you that attend concerts or other large public access events/places. So I purchased (from Amazon) three different brands of "female urinary tools". The Urinelle (pack of 7 for $14.03), the P-mate (pack of 5 for $6.79) and the Go-Girl (1 with carrying case for $13.95). The Urinelle looks like a slightly altered paper cone you would normally see next to a water dispenser; it is bio-degradable but I felt was the least effective (I was also laughing really hard so I will use this brand again to confirm). The P-Mate is also bio-degradable, made of a thin cardboard and trapezoid-like in shape it was user friendly and you can dispose of it in a port-a-potty or pit toilet. It also folds in half or lies flat for convenient carrying. The Go-Girl is made of latex and reusable, and very easy to use. Over all I recommend the Go-Girl since you never have to worry about having one on hand for those spontaneous walks/rides in nature. Now I can just stand off in the trees like the guys do and maybe even write my name in the snow. "  -Zz Norton
*I am still a little confused after this review, do you pee into a bag or does the pee just come right out when you go.  It seems like there is a slight bit of Freudism here and also a large bit of germophobe, I can definitely see how it can come in handy though.  I have to laugh that the most used public place she could think of was a concert (she must have had a bad experience at some point haha. 

"I loved having the carrying case and wipes that this came with. I attempted to get the funnel back into the plastic tube it came in, and despite following the instructional video on their website, struggled. The pink tube is larger, easy to get the product in, and nice and discreet as it sits in my purse. The device itself is a soft, flexible funnel, and I was able to use it without problems on the first try. I was wary of just "letting it flow" based off of reviews indicating that some people have had overflow when urine didn't exit the little spout fast enough--it appeared to drain quickly, and was incredibly clean. I love the product (I hike and bike in all sorts of areas that don't have restrooms), and definitely like this little set as a starting place. -J. Shelton"
*I always love an honest review, and I think that this one answered my previous questions...

You can check it out for yourself at:Go Girl Female Urination Device 

Braza Secret Stash Detachable Bra Pocket
 I am guessing that it is pronounced like A-Ha as in you just discovered something haha.  It is "A lingerie pocket that attaches to the plunge of your bra, the hip of your panties, or your bra's wing" although it does require hand washing.  

Top Reviews:
"Bought this for my trip to Brazil. Best idea ever! Those stupid travelers belts that go around your waist are super uncomfortable, especially in 105 degree heat. The bra wallet is much more comfortable, and while you can't fit your passport in it, you really don't need to have your passports with you all the time. Plus it's a bit more subtle to quickly flip it out of your boobs than to have to lift up your whole shirt with a belt. Another advantage of the bra wallet over the waist belt is that you can wear under everything! (some low cut tops are problematic) But dresses are no problem. I imagine turtlenecks might pose a problem... but who wears turtlenecks anyways?
Downsides include, occasionally people can see it, especially if you're wearing something tight or low cut, or bend over. And when you have to get your money out, it can be awkward, or when you have to strap it back in. The plus of this, is that even if people can tell where your money is, they probably won't be able to steal it.
Also, if you have too much stuff in it, (cards/change/ect) the bulge can be quite noticeable.
Additionally, if you have small breasts, this might not be the product for you. I don't know, if you only kept cash in it, it would probably be fine. It's pretty thin just by itself.
Overall, I recommend! Well priced, and very very handy." -sarah

* As someone who is constantly storing stuff in her bra, I actually think this is an excellent product idea, and would totally try it out.

"I am pleased with this little "bra pocket". I placed it by my hip, on my pantie, under my jeans. I can barely feel it is there. I can easily fit 5 paper bills in cash, folded in half- the pocket can stretch slightly, and 3 credit cards. I'm sure I could actually fit more cash, since the pocket is stretchy, but that is what fits comfortably. I did not try it on my bra, since I wear a sports bra, and I didn't think it would work out well with this. I did place a safety pin over the velcro closure, including the flap, since I didn't quite trust velcro to secure my valubles. I could not feel the safety pin. ( which of course is optional)" -Nicketti
* I definitely appreciate the thoroughly descriptive review that Nicketti gave here with exactly how much can be stored in it.  Overall not THAT weird, and actually somewhat useful.

You can buy it at Braza Secret Stash Detachable Pocket

Runny Nose Shower Dispenser Gel
I have seen this one multiple times in my past browsing for weird things for sale on Amazon but it always kind of grossed me out, so I decided not to write about it until now.  I know I am over thinking the visuals here but ewww.   The features are as follows: "A funny nose shaped shower gel dispenser. Just squeeze the nose, and gel will ooze out from the right nostril."  I have to wonder, why
only the right nostril, seems weird to me.

Top Reviews:
"My teenager saw this online and couldn't stop talking about having it in his shower so I purchased it as a Christmas gift. (far be it for me to negate what he finds humorous despite how goofy it might be!) He was excited to put it up and try it out, and did so right after opening it. Half an hour later we went to check it out again and it had leaked the soap inside of it all down the wall of his shower. Thinking that he had incorrectly filled or attached it, we took it down, emptied it, cleaned it & the shower up, then refilled and attached it to the wall. Half an hour later, same problem. The seal between the rubber nose and plastic backing that attaches to the wall is no good. Nothing we did took care of the broken seal. Huge disappointment and not worth the postage to even return. Turned out to be a runny nose, not a soap dispenser. And I had to clean the shower twice on Christmas. Nice." -Mami
*Seems to me that this is more of a gag than a practical gift anyway.

"My son loved this gag gift. the soap does leak out a little and run down the shower wall, but, no worries, it just looks like snot. we also used just plain shower get when the green soap ran out, which worked, but the thicker the better. The suctions cups stick better to ceramic tile vs our glass shower door."  -Mae
*Some great tips on how to make it useful, I also saw other reviews that suggested turning it upside down when not in use to prevent leaking. 

You can check it out for yourself at: Runny Nose Shower Dispenser

Decodyne Sir Tea Infuser
This product description had me rolling: "Sir Tea is your perfect tea time companion. Load his little silicone pants and place him in your cup."  The endless possibilities of things that come to mind that you could load his little pants up with.....   

Top Review:
"Great little tea infuser that can start a conversation even before you're put it in the cup. Easy to clean and doesn't leave a weird taste in your tea like others I've tried." -chana
*Although this was the only review for the product it is adorable and if it does what it claims to do, I would definitely buy it and load his little pants up ;)

You can purchase him at: Sir Tea Infuser

Blue Q Breath Spray
With this product you can do a multitude of things (at least according to advertisement) such as: remember the names of everyone that you have slept with, communicate with your dad, understand your mom, enjoy your job, positive energy,Instant rehab, instant therapy, accept aging etc.  Man if this stuff is for real I definitely want a few of these.  The aging product description is as follows: "Just one spray gets you back to what you should be doing. Passionately experiencing life and walking into the mystery of tomorrow.The Enjoy your job spray is described as: "Realistically interact with clients and colleagues while in a controlled hibernative brain state!"  The positive energy one advertises: "Instantly heightens your inner magnetism so that wonderful things can't help but come your way. It's like you're magic!"  

Top reviews:
On the Communicate with Dad Spray: "I was told to give at least 24 hours for the spray to go through the system but WOW! After just 13 minutes of entering my mouth I felt a change IMMEDIATELY! I couldn't run to the phone fast enough! I quickly called my old man and asked how his day was! Hell, I even asked if I can go on the route with him. Ya know, learn a couple a tricks on the truck. Know what I mean?? So we're sitting at a local truck stop-off 95, we're bulls***tin, talkin bout getting my CDL, getting me a harley, s*** goin all nice. All of a sudden I'm starting to think, who the heck is this guy and why am I here? Luckily, I had my spray on me and quickly reapplied. WHEW! This s*** does wonders. I was able to order a lifetime supply, just hope I don't get immune to this. Whoever invented this, God bless your soul. You're saving daddy issues all over the world! I rate this product 10 stars!" -Marisa 
*Either this spray actually works, or it serves as a mental release for her to really be able to communicate with her father.  Either way the end result is what matters, so in that case the spray is effective :)

On the Believe in God Spray: "It took one little spritz.. My breath was fresher, mintier, and the taste of cigarettes was absolutely gone. I felt like I was kissing the holy mother herself. I got this strange sensation, waving through my whole body like electricity. Colors became brighter, everything was more vivid. Anything that moved left lingering, blurred trails. And then it happened.. I saw god.. He had long hair and a beard, loose fitting clothing and resembled my hippy roomate. He said "hey man! did you see a little spray bottle full of mint? I've been looking all over for it and I really need to find it now or we'll be late for the Phish concert." I handed it to god, a little hesitantly, who just just smiled and laughed. "Thanks dude, have a nice trip!" He even knew I had a long car ride ahead of me, but of course he did.. What a nice guy!" -Gerald Peters
*It sounds like somebody's breath spray may have been laced with a little something...  whatever works right???

You can purchase any of these sprays at: Acceptance Breath Spray

*Once again, thank you for reading and I welcome and and ALL suggestions and comments about what I have written about and ideas for the new weird things to buy on Amazon.  

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