Monday, January 6, 2014

Random Liam Moments from the Past Month

Liam has had some great random moments recently and just thought that I would share some of them with you to make you chuckle like I did, and perhaps you can make some comments on them as well :)  Comments are always welcome :)  Welcome to motherhood of a now 3 year old boy.

*When Liam woke up from his nap earlier today he had gotten out his photo album from his 2 year old class and had it beside the bed since he must have been looking at it to fall asleep, I thought that this was cute and put it away, when I went to lay him down for bed tonight he lifted up his pillow and had taken two picture of just himself out and had put them under his pillow.... I have no idea what to think about this haha. At least he was happy in both pictures, maybe he wanted to be happy in his dreams, any ideas? (Perhaps he got it from Lilo & Stitch)

*Liam is currently eating his mandarin oranges by picking up an orange with his fingers placing it on the top of the fork, bringing the fork to his mouth and then picking up the orange with his fingers and putting it into his mouth..... there's got to be a better way haha
Liam just told me he was hungry for a burger and I told him we needed to eat healthier now that the holidays were over. He said "ok I want a cupcake" haha. Lesser of two evils I guess haha

Liam has learned to say "excuse me" after he burps, and today he started telling me that it came from his tummy haha.  

Liam has to hug and kiss both the dog and cat multiple times before bed and also say goodnight to the moon and stars.

Liam has decided that he likes tea in addition to cocoa now :)

 We ordered the stuff this evening and Liam and I will soon begin making out own bubble tea at home yay.  Honeydew is our first flavor.  

Liam prefers his cheap construction trucks to his trains :(  Stupid expensive Thomas haha

Liam has started learning words to songs he hears repeatedly and sings along zealously, especially songs from movies, and he makes up the parts he doesn't know, just like the rest of us haha

Despicable Me 2 has been the reigning champion of the house along with Bolt, Wall-E and Airplanes....  he hasn't even wanted to watch anything on Netflix lately it's crazy...  George still takes over every night before bedtime though.

When grandma was here visiting she rocked Liam to sleep one night and now every night after being put into bed, Liam will come out into the living room with a blanket and want to rock for a few minutes and then he is good and will go climb back into bed and go to sleep.  I don't mind it at all because I was sad when he stopped wanting to be rocked and it lets me hold him close and snuggle him a little bit more :)

 Liam refuses to wear any shoes except for his Cars shoes that light up.  The only way that I can get him to wear another pair of shoes is if he is still asleep when I go to get him dressed for school and I can sneak some on him and get him out to the car before he knows what's going on. 

Liam seems to only crave pizza, burgers and chocolate right now.  He will still eat other things, but that is all he asks for and the occasional cupcake ;)

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