Saturday, February 22, 2014

Make Your Own Rainstorm

I came across this fun activity not too long ago and knew that Liam and I would have to try it out soon.  My son is obsessed with whether or not it is raining outside, so I am sure that he would love creating a rainstorm!  We decided to make two attempts since it was SO much fun the first time!  Liam was actually ready for us to do it again!  I found that the best way for the rain to actually trickle down was to get the food coloring on the edge of the vase so that it would find a way through the "clouds."  Also as the vase sat for awhile with all of the colors in it, I noticed that the longer the shaving cream was in the water the slower the food coloring trickled down later in the day.  Anyway it is a ton of fun and really easy to do!  We had absolutely no mess, except for rinsing out the vase at the end.
*This was also quite amusing for my cat watching in the background ;)

-Drinking glass or vase
-Food coloring
-Shaving cream

Fill drinking glass or vase with water and then top the water completely with shaving cream (clouds).
Then add blue food coloring to the "clouds".  (This works best to concentrate the food coloring in a couple of areas as opposed to singular drops here and there depending on your food coloring, the one I have comes out really thick so we didn't need much).  You can also add to the fun by adding multiple colors.

 First Attempt
Supplies are all set out

Put shaving cream on top of the water
Add the blue food coloring for the rain
Watch it trickle down the vase in amusement
Pretty rain :)
Our water is now blue
Add more colors and watch how they mix together
Pose happily for a picture :)

Second Attempt
Rinse out the vase and refill with clean water
Add shaving cream on top (This time I spread it across the top of the water)
Add drops of food coloring at a couple of spots on the edges of the vase and shaving cream so it can easily break through
Now they blue is going, let's add more color!
You can more clearly see the mixture with a little less food coloring
Checking out the colors from the top view
You can see 3 different colors mixing together in here
Liam was content to just sit there and watch for quite awhile

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