Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March's Playlist

Here are 31 songs, for the 31 days of March that stood out to me or came to mind throughout the month.  Instead of uploading a crap ton of videos to my blog and slowing down everything on my page, I have decided to create a playlist on my YouTube account and share the playlist so that you can watch it from start to finish.  As I like to go through and say something about each song I will instead write a track list and what made the song special for this month!  Enjoy!

1. Single-Natasha Bedingfield: I would say that the title speaks for itself but this song has been with me throughout many different times in my life.  To give me strength and hope in my single status.  The lyrics are the greatest as well.  Not snubbing love, but still able to find happiness in yourself.

2. Don't Panic-Coldplay:  I love this song.  Coldplay really fits into a great soundtrack of my life.  This song helps you to try to remember that everything is small stuff and the little things that matter, those are the BIG things.  And that "We live in a beautiful world"

3. I Don't Wanna-Aaliyah:  There is never a time that an Aaliyah song come on to this day that doesn't make me stop and pay attention.  This is one of my favs by here and when it came across my station, gave me a blast to the past in my mind.

4. Evacuee-Enya: Liam's bedtime Pandora station has always been Enya.  It helps to calm him down before going to bed.  My mother always listened to Enya a lot, and I can never hear Enya without thinking of her.  Plus it's beautiful Irish music :)

5. Already Taken-Trey Songz:  I do love Trey, especially older more mature in music Trey.  This song is so catchy and makes you want to get up and dance.  It is effective in making me feel like someday I can find a man that can be proud to be with me and not want to be with anyone else.

6. Home-Michael Buble':  I don't know how anyone could hear this song and not just love the slow music and Micheal's voice and the lyrics.  I have said it before and I will continue to say it.  I want someone to love me like Michael Buble' songs.  This one is one of his greatest.

7. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room-John Mayer: I have heard many people say that all John Mayer songs sound the same.  I guess that I always heard them differently.  I feel the emotion behind them.  I feel like he really puts his soul out there.  You can feel his pain, his joy, his desperation, his anger, his love, depending on the song.  This one definitely holds some of that desperation to hold on to something even after it is broken beyond repair.

 8. Breathe In-Frou Frou I just love Frou Frou.  I think that they are highly under-rated but luckily frequently used in movie to still showcase their awesomeness.  They always make me feel empowered as well.

9. Everything Zen-Bush: This is a great song for having a bad day to try to let it all out.

10.  Without Your Love-Ellie Goulding: I love Ellie, and this song is great!  To remind you that you can go forward on your own, and you don't need someone to go on with your life.

11. Enough of No Love-Keyshia Cole: I LOVE Keyshia's shoes in this video, but this song has always stuck with me and getting rid of something that no longer serves your best interest.

12. Need You Tonight-Amerie:  I love Amerie, and this song has some good older beats.

13. Say It Ain't So-Wheezer: This song is just straight awesomeness. 

14. Iris-Goo Goo Dolls: This song will always be one that I love.  The vocals, the isntruments, the lyrics...  Just a winning combination...

15.  Dangerous-Cascada: I love Cascada and this song is very poetic.

16.  Kiss From A Rose-Seal: No need for an explanation

17. Om Hraum Mitraya-Deva Premal: Meditative song of excellence

18.  Your Love Is King-Sade:  One of my all-time favorite singers and my gateway into Jazz.  And this song is just great!

19.  Everything I Do (I Do It For You)-Bryan Adams:  I grew up with this and it will always be one of my favorite love songs.  Plus it was on Robin Hood with Kevin Costner which was great!

20.  Big Girls Don't Cry-Fergie: This song will always remind me of California, and when you are having a bad day and everything feels like it is falling apart it is great to listen to this.

21. Shake Senora-Pitbull: I seriously love Pitbull's energy in his music!  This song always makes me want to get up and dance.

22. You Got Me-Colbie Calliat: I LOVE this song, it makes me want to meet someone and be in love again.  It gives me hope for the romantic future.  I want someone to make me feel this way.

23.  You & I-John Legend:  This is another great love song, and John is good at love ballads.  I love the lyrics

24.  Another Round (Remix)-Fat Joe: This song is a good newer hip hop song that I always enjoy to hear.  I love the original and the remix, but you get Mary J and Fabo on the remix

25.  Talk That Talk-Rihanna: I will always love Rihanna, she always makes you feel more powerful as a woman.  This song always makes me want to get up and do something

26.  Just A Kiss-Lady Antebellum: I know I know, country but I love this song. It has a really great message about not overdoing things and letting things unfold slowly and naturally in a relationship.  There is no need to rush things. 

27.  Juicy-BIG: Because it's Biggie that's why

28.  Spectrum-Florence & The Machine:  I can't have a playlist without Florence.  This song (like all of their songs) is just so powerful.  I always have to crank it!  "Say My Name, and Every Part of Me Illuminates"  You don't just come across lyrics like those

29. Hot Boyz-Missy: Oh the flashbacks, such a great song

30. New Slang-Shins:  You just want to go on a long drive and contemplate life when you hear this song. 

31. Eddie Vedder-Society: Excellent song....  great poetic lyrics and great message about our society. 

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