Friday, May 30, 2014

Foreverland is Dead

I must disclose that I did receive a kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Brilliant…. Simply brilliant. When I first started this book I was coming off of the high of the amazing creation that was the 1st book in this series The Annihilation of Foreverland.  That gem was told from the perspective of boys. Needless to say it was vastly different from Foreverland is Dead.  To start with, you start out in the mind of a girl and are seeing things from the girl side.  

Foreverland is Dead starts out with the main storyteller of a girl named Cyn.  She wakes up in a bunk house with 4 other girls, all with shaved heads and nothing but a long t-shirt.  They find themselves in the wilderness of someplace akin to Montana or Wyoming.  None of the girls has any recollection of who they are and even who their names are, apart from nametags on a box of items below their beds.  

Stress and tensions are quickly escalated as the girls find themselves resorting to survival mode without any more idea of what is going on than when they first woke up.  At least 40% or more of the book has you wondering if it will even be connected with the first book in any way….  That is when the plot thickens.  I don’t want to give anything away, but suffice it to say, that this book explores a similar virtual reality realm in a completely different way than the first book.  

Foreverland is Dead is written by the rapidly expounding author by the name of Tony Bertauski.  Tony already has quite the plethora of novels under his belt and upon finishing this 2 book binge of altered reality I will indeed need to check the out.  

The last book was so great that I started this book out ready to roll right in to the same type of action as the last book ended with.   Needless to say I felt kind of slowed down in the story establishment of this new story.  I started out enjoying the story but more at a level of 3 stars as opposed to the 5 stars awarded its predecessor.  However, I was still very into the story and as I got about 40% in, it was a solid 4 stars….  I binge read to finish the story that quickly sped up and sucked you into the crazy dystopian world of the girls and the ending was truly a work of art, firming establishing its rightful place as a 5 star novel.  If you are into character development, virtual reality, tough societal issues, survival issues, and dystopian worlds, than this book is definitely for you.  I can’t even decide which one of these was better as they are so vastly different and yet so vastly amazing.  Don’t sleep on Tony Bertauski and his Foreverland novels or you will missing out on some seriously epic storytelling. 

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